Saturday, September 29, 2012

White Sock Test

Time for a poop post!

Who knew seeing these white socks would make me happy?

And yes, my little 'stang is pretty upright on those pasterns.

You see, Miss Luna has had brown dried poopy hind socks most of the summer. Her poops were cowpie (hence her nickname, "my little cowpie.")

I am not sure if her stomach is sensitive to certain hays (we feed an orchard grass, it is not overly rich.) I recently acquired some pasture grass that was not as good quality....and mixed it with the orchard. I am down to my last few bales and can not get anymore, but will have to feed what I can get this summer, possibly even timothy.

I have noticed in the last month as I pick out her pasture that Luna's poops are better piles and "pellet" like (is that what they call them apples?)

I also gave her a worming with Qwest Plus last month too, so perhaps this combined with a hay changed helped her system finally get on track!

Speaking of feet.....mister Howdy got himself in a bind a few weeks ago when he accidentally turned on his water spicket and flooded his corral.

As you can see he didn't have to stand in the water....but seemed to want to. At least we know he doesn't mind getting his feet wet!

And I had to share this one. Yes, there is a hole in the back of that shed and it needs to be patched! Silly yearling just loves to see what is on the other side.

Have a great weekend!

Ranch Girl

Friday, September 14, 2012

Glass Pastures

I have been cleaning up my pastures (mostly Luna's) for months. As horses "erode" pastures down, lots of treasures are found. In My Boy's pasture when I first put him in there, I found that he scuffed up plenty of old wire pieces buried in the dirt.

I feed each of my horses their hay in two piles spread across the pasture. This provides me a chance to walk around, looking for wire and other junk that "shows up."

In Luna's it is mostly bits and pieces of glass. Blue, green, clear, brown bottles....some really old thick glass bottles....some bits of china plates with patterns on them. I imagine a past where a homestead sat and an old couple got in a lot of fights and threw plates at each other all the time. I have no other explanation for why I find so much glass in that part of our yard!!

I can see it shining in the morning sun as I feed and I fill my pockets. I have started a Mason jar on the front porch where I place my collection.

I just hope I can keep all the junk and pieces picked up and that my pony doesn't find a way to hurt herself on the glass. There is really no way to get it won't pick up with a metal catcher.

What is the craziest thing you have found in your horse's pastures?

Ranch Girl