Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking At 2014

I took this rainbow photo the afternoon after we put down the Arab mare from colic. I always think rainbows are symbolic, don't you?

I have a lot of goals for 2014. Many are family goals such as raising my baby boy and oh- planning a wedding! Yikes! I know the venue and a possible photographer- my horse trainer actually does photography. What better person to photograph the wedding of a ranch girl than someone who gets ranches and horses?

I love the above plaid Ralph Lauren dress as a model for a flower girl/junior bridesmaid's dress. I was actually picturing a navy plaid to go with fall colors (wedding is in October.)

My horse goals are probably the biggest! Since I can not ride this winter due to slippery mud, snow, and ice, and I am trying to get back into shape after having a baby, I am thinking of taking some lessons this winter. This is much more appealing to me then joining a gym, although more expensive. Four years ago I took saddleseat lessons and it was the best workout ever! I was sow in places I didn't know existed.

There is no place to ride saddle seat where I live now. There are a few Hunter/jumper and dressage barns. I took h/j lessons in my 20's and loved it. I would actually like to learn some dressage to use with Luna. I want her to go in either saddle. In fact, we got a Christmas card from a local friend who said she was able to go on a fox hunt this year and the first thing I thought was- where do I sign up! I want to do that! I did some research and there are some hunt clubs in our state. It might not make my to-do list this year, but it's at least on my horsey bucket list!

I also want to get My Boy back into shape. I will mostly be continuing Luna's training next spring and summer. I will not part with my spotted pill so I am hoping to find someone to ride him for me.

What are your horse goals for 2014?

Have a safe and fabulous New Year everyone!

Ranch Girl

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Hard to believe that Christmas is almost here! Where does time go? Had a spell of frigid temps but yesterday it was 47! Everything thawed and is super mushy. I dislike it when that happens! But we did get Ranch Boy Junior out for a walk. We were gettin' some cabin fever staying inside while the temps hovered around 10 degress!


Let's "catch up" a bit!

Luna finished up her 30 days of training just as the weather turned for the winter, so she is home now and "processing" all of her good experiences. Here is her last ride with my trainer the day we picked her up. I got to ride too, but opted to stay in the round pen rather than this field, which was slightly sloped and a little wet. The round pen was half frozen so it wasn't much better, I only got to trot a little but I got a good feel for where she's at and I was impressed. 

 She even learned to shimmy up to and allow her rider to open gates!

One of her last rides was a haul-out 3 hour trail ride! We'll do another 30 days next spring with the trainer, then I hope I can continue her education on my own.

 Our tree~ cut from the Ranch property, of course!

  I'm hoping for a white Christmas, just like a little kid! It's not looking like it's going to snow, though. In fact, right now it is down pouring rain. The ground is so water-logged there is nowhere for the water to go, it's just getting muddier.

Here is the little one opening some really fun Christmas presents at Grammy's. Right now he can't quite ride the Radio-Flyer Scooter so he just has to stare at the box children and dream of the day that he can.

We lost a horse at the Ranch this morning. It was very sad, she was a sweet 22 year old gray Arab cross mare that took many, many children and adults on rides over the last few years.  It appeared to be a bad case of colic but the vet suspected stomach tumors that contributed. Its amazing how you go into the mode of caring for an ill horse, despite wind, mud, and rain, hunger, last minute Christmas presents, etc. Everything just takes a back burner. Getting her comfortable and trying to keep her pain free and on her feet while waiting an hour and 20 minutes for a was a hard wait, as any of you that have been through it know. Not what you want to have to do around the holidays but I am glad she is pain-free and galloping through horsey heaven.

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday. I intend to do more blogging in the new year! I want to chronicle the life of Ranch Boy Jr. as he follows in his daddy's Romeos.  Most people are moving to Facebook these days, but I really miss blogging. I am hoping to get a new laptop and Internet at home which will really help. I tried writing this post from my phone and despite it's extremely SMART capabilities, it was still a challenge.

Warm and cozy wishes to you all!

Ranch Girl