Sunday, December 30, 2012

Teenage Trouble Maker

Seriously, if my Mustang pony makes it through her "teenage" years without any injuries I will be surprised.
Not only is she a high risk-taker, like loping small circles on snowy icy ground as she's waiting for me to feed in the morning....she pulls stunts like the one she got herself into Christmas Eve morning.

Who me? 

Yep, that is my Luna....after the scene of the Christmas Eve morning crime as we worked to repair fence. We got a call at 8 a.m. from our neighbor who tells us we've got fence down that borders the Ranch horse field in multiple places. Oh, and Luna is running loose with the Ranch horse herd of 30+ horses in a 20+ acre field......and OH- did I forget to mention that we are two hours away at my sister Paint Girl's for the holiday at the time? Talk about feeling helpless!

We called Ranch Boy's mother who lives on the other side of us (and owns 30+ said ranch horses.) They find Luna hanging out with her equine neighbors. Luckily, My Boy, who is too leery and respectful of fencing to even walk over downed wire that is probably not hot, stayed put. It was a Christmas miracle because I never would have caught him amongst the 30 horses and 20 acres!

One of the pastures behind my horse's pasture, that I used to keep My Boy in. It is closed off from my horses right now so that by next spring it can re-grow and be used for grazing. Luna got into this pasture, these are her tracks from her escape in the fresh snow (about 6" fell the night before Christmas Eve, on top of at least 4" we already had!) There was fence down on the left, as well as straight ahead.

The hot-wire tape was off the t-posts there are broken clips in multiple spots. Ranch Boy's mom and our neighbors patched the fence the best they could. RB's mom thought she'd have to get a halter, catch Luna, and lead her out of the herd pasture back to our pasture. But Luna followed her around the whole time so RB's mom just used her belt around her neck, had our neighbor hold down the fence and led her back over!

When we got home several hours later Ranch Boy and I spent 2 hours fixing fence and got it working again. I did remember an incident while feeding my ponies a few days earlier where Luna was touching the top strand with her chest and not reacting like she should have.....I should have made the connection that perhaps the fence was shorting out somewhere and not hot.  Luckily Luna was not hurt and although we don't know if elk or deer messed with the fence first (it had been patched when we got home but seeing how messed up it was from the broken clips, in multiple spots around the pasture, I almost have a hard time believing one little bay mare could do quite that number on it....) However, I am pretty certain she was the culprit as it is not the first time she has escaped.....but I do love how my "wild" pony is so easy to deal with (like catching) after the little teenage messes and escapades she gets herself into! I have no doubt to learn that mustangs are no sissies and open to adventure.....mine only lived in a wild herd until she was about 5 months of age....then she was brought in with her dam to the BLM corrals, where for a year she dealt with that lifestyle. She is not "wild" at all, her heart is very curious- why she'd rather follow people around and look for cookies then run off with her freedom with 30 new friends is beyond me!

Since I am 5 months pregnant and we have snow and ice on the ground, Miss Luna is getting time off to just be a pasture pony and grow, so it is going to be a good wake-up call for her next early summer when she gets a job again!

Happy 2013 everyone~ here's to hoping that our ponies stay safe and warm through the winter and into the new year!!

Ranch Girl

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nice Treat From Farrier

This was a special holiday note that we got from a farrier that the ranch used once last summer in a pinch. He is not the ranch's regular farrier nor mine, but I thought this was a very nice idea for customers or potential customers. We got a note and a coupon for discounted trims this winter, a sprig of greenery and a candy cane. I feel like it's too late this year, but I do need to get myself organize to do a little something for the farriers and other horsey people that helps us with our equines, too!

I liked this farrier and wouldn't hesitate to use him in a pinch, but I like the farrier I am using. My Boy is great for him, but as a yearling Luna is still learning.  Needless to say she tests his patience but he is patient with her. Last time she was trimmed she was pulling a lot on her hind leg and he took her from me and walked a few feet away and just worked on yielding her hind and front end a little, as well as backing up, etc. She responded well to him and I think was quite surprised to be put to work a bit. He brought her back over and she was fine on that hind as he finished. He also tries to use the hoof stands off and on which she tolerates a little but needs to get used to. I'm partially guilty and am not handling her legs and hooves as much as I should, at least not now that winter is here. I was pretty good about it last spring and summer.

Did you do anything special for your horsey farrier's or vets this time of year?

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!

Ranch Girl

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa's Reindeer?

On a cold snowy morning......

.......what to their wondering eyes did appear?

Could it be Santa's reindeer?

Alas, it was just two bull elk and a cow.

This morning I heard a truck drive by the house then stop. I looked out and he was idling on the road. I decided I'd better check the horses. When I went to the door I immediately saw three what I thought at first were horses, in the field back behind my horses' pasture.

The elk were trying to decide how to get over the fence. Problem was, they were facing 30 head of horses in the other pasture, electric fence all around, a road on one side, houses and pastures on the other.....They were very perplexed. I watched them just hoping they didn't mess with the fences. Miss Luna and My Boy were very interested. My Boy eventually gave up and went back to his hay but Luna was transfixed. Better get used to them now girlie, we run into them on the trail sometimes!

Look closely (sorry, super zoomed photo on a pocket digital) can you see how big the racks are on the bulls? Eventually they head toward the right corner of the back fence, to cross the road and head to the river. I saw cars flying down the road without a clue- a large motor coach bus with four cars behind it. Luckily the driver appeared to have spotted one of the bulls as he crossed the bar ditch and started up towards the road, so he slowed his vehicle. Of course, some impatient idiot (they run rampant around here) in an SUV had to go around the motor coach, without a clue that he could be hitting an 800 animal at 65 mph. Luckily the bull panicked and turned back. They waited a bit longer, then the bulls eventually crossed. The cow couldn't seem to figure out their route through the downed fence, so she leaped the fence and away they went, safe from cars (and cars safe from them......)

By the way, did you notice that my Luna looks almost as tall as My Boy in these photos? My 3 year old was supposed to be my little mare! And look how BAY she is! I am adding a photo below from when I first got her~ can you believe it? Tracey said her color will change multiple times as she sheds out in the spring. I can't wait to see!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Ranch Girl

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ranch Boy Jr.

Things have sure been busy around here! First, I wanted to share some BIG news with you! Next spring there will be a baby Ranch Boy (Ranch Boy Jr.) on the ranch! That's right~ Ranch Boy and I are expecting! So a lot of exciting things on my plate these days!

Because of this, I haven't done any riding. In fact, the minute I found out I was pregnant, I stopped riding, even though one doctor said it would be okay for a little while longer. I just didn't want to take the risk. Not only of potentially losing the baby in an accident, but of just hurting my own self and then having to deal with a broken leg/neck/injury while pregnant.....not fun!  By the time I am back on my feet and have the baby thing figured out (ha ha), it will be June/July~ the perfect time to start riding again! By then, Miss Luna will certainly need a refresher course. She's as sweet as ever but I'm sure she will be a spunky monkey! I know of some local people that I might put her into a month or so of training with just to get her going for me.

Have you read this book? I got it as a gift last spring and I have really been enjoying it. I really like how the author writes, it's very descriptive and paints a good picture of the characters.

Although when reading about the author/mare's first foaling experience, I had to chuckle. When Howdy was born at the ranch, I don't think we thought or worried about half of those things. He and Ruby did get some post-vet care of course, but all the actual birth happened without human assistance.

Here is a link to the author's website:

I'm sure your holidays are well under way! We might get a little more snow in the next few days....which would be nice and hopefully get me even more into the Christmas spirit! I am a bit tired of the rain and the mud it's creating. Granted, my mud is miniscule compared to the mud some people deal with (like Paint Girl) but usually we have a fairly dry snowy cold winter climate.

Until next time!

Ranch Girl