Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I realized that most of my photos of Jr. Ranch Boy have been of him sleeping, so here is a cute one I took of him and Ranch Boy the other day. No, Jr. isn't walking yet, he isn't even crawling, but he has super strong legs and "trunk" strength so when you hold him up he can stand on his legs! He just turned 6 months old.

I went and watch Luna's training session yesterday. She is loping now! Not overly eager about it yet, thought. She can hardly hold the lope one lap around the round pen and needs encouragement to get going, but she is progressing and isn't balky about trying. She is much more relaxed in her gaits, she is finally starting to figure out how to manage carrying that saddle and rider at a balance when moving. My trainer might bit her today. She said that she usually still uses the rope halter reins if she needs to do much reining at first, so she isn't pulling on their mouth. I love that! I'm all about creating a soft horse.

This is the first Mustang my trainer has trained and I think she really enjoys working with her, she is constantly impressed and happy with how smart she is! Since I have never really ridden Luna, I am excited to eventually become part of the sessions and learn how to ride her, too!

Hope you are all having a great week!

Ranch Girl

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life Is Good

Wow, I thought I'd posted since May? I guess not! Who knows what happens with me from day to day as I still struggle getting a full-nights sleep, hee hee! That is the joy of motherhood! And truly, it is a joy. I couldn't be happier! Our little one is 5 months old now! He even sat on a horse with his sister for a short time last Sunday and I am hoping to get him on My Boy for a photo session soon, too!

In other news, fall is here! Where did summer go? Colorful falling leaves, crisp sunny weather, chilly foggy mornings.....I love it! I am going to take My Boy out for a ride here soon! He is feeling a bit sad and neglected because Miss Luna is gone. Yep she's gone. Just a short distance away though....she went to "big girl school"! I am finally getting some training on her. I realllyyy wanted to get this going myself this summer but with a baby it just didn't happen, other than some refresher groundwork. So far, just three sessions in, she is doing fabulous and giving 'stangs a good name! My trainer really likes her! Says she's super smart. Showing some athleticism. Maybe she'll work some cows someday!?

Luna during a round pen session with our trainer.

I do miss blogging and hope to be back in the blogosphere more this winter when things slow down at the ranch. I was working part time but those hours have upped a bit, so juggling a baby, work, family, and horses is taking a lot of energy. But I couldn't be more blessed. I love my life. I hope all of you are doing well and I do hope you'll keep stopping by to see the going-ons!

Ranch Girl