Monday, April 28, 2014

baby birthdays and a saddle!

I can't believe Ranch Boy Jr. Turned one!! He is an amazing baby he makes us smile every day. Today he was playing with the cordless phone and after hitting a few buttons to make a call he put it to his..... forehead. Silly boy! He did that several times.  He sits on my bathroom floor while I get ready and gets into my cupboard (the only one we haven't put safety latches on yet) and rearranges and organize my nail polishes into any container/shoe/box he can find. And we had him try baked beans (the sauce only-who wouldn't love the brown sugar sweetness?) And he threw up. He throws up anything with texture. He loves his runny mushy baby food only!

In other news I bought a saddle! It's a used Wintec Pro Dressage with the gullet change system. It's in pretty good shape and was a great price. I had a trial ride on My Boy and then a family friend who rides English (and is more knowledgeable about saddle fit then me) helped me for fit it to him and she gave it the thumbs up.

So while I didn't do the professional saddle fitter I am happy with what I ended up with. I just ordered stirrups and irons for it (I had to borrow some off a jump saddle to trial it. ) As soon as I get them I will share some better photos.

Oh- and my new adventure is up and running!! I'll share more in my next post but it is called "The "Pipsqueak Boutique" and you can find me on Facebook and Instagram! I am loving being creative again and making chalkboards, baby onesies, and other treasures for the nursery!!

One more of my cutie!! He wasn't too keen on the bow tie outfit, I'm afraid.

Ranch Girl

Friday, April 18, 2014

pedicure day and decisions

Sorry for the gap in postings. ...I was doing SOOOOO well there for a while!

I postponed my saddle fitting. It's complicated, but I will do a future post about it.

Regardless, the ponies needed a pedicure. Luna was awful. Luckily my farrier is patient with her. This time he worked her in circles on the line when she was bad, yielding and working on respect. He also had me not hold her. I thought this was great because I think I get worked up and embarrassed when she gets bad, and that energy probably trickles right down the lead rope to her! By the end of the session she was standing quite nicely and relaxed while having that last hoof done.

I know it will take time and more consistent handling of her hooves to get better. I have no excuses but in her defense she got a late start being she was BLM and didn't have her hooves handled until adopted at age 1.

In other news I started a new adventure. I am making baby clothing and vintage up-cycled treasures for nurseries, etc. And a few fun things for mommas! Check out my new Facebook page. I don't have enough likes yet to link you to it but if you search it is called "the pipsqueak boutique" and has a chalkboard photo in the header that says "you are my sunshine." Here is a photo of some of the cute Western onesies I appliqu├ęd.  They are $12 each with free shipping right now. These are new onesies, pre-washed, and Carters or Gerber brand.  I am only selling through PayPal invoices right now until I decide if I want to open an Etsy shop again.

It's been great using my creative side again I've really missed it!

Hope to make a goal of posting once a week. Thanks for sticking with me!!

Ranch Girl