Saturday, October 27, 2012

Howdy Halloween!

Hi friends! Holy cow where has time gone? So much has been happening! I will fill you in at a later date on ALL the details but a few major things are happening.

One, I am no longer making and selling jewelry! It was too time consuming to do the entire process from start to finish and as it wasn't my day job, it wasn't working. I am now a Stella & Dot independent stylist~ so I am still selling jewelry, I just don't have to make it!

In other news, I will be starting a new full-time job next week! I will no longer be in Education. Since I moved in with Ranch Boy I have been employed part time. This will be a reality check for me, working a 9-5. And in sales/retail, no less! I think it will be a good change for me.

I have had no riding time this fall. We had crazy wildfires which created poor air quality for nearly a month! That meant I didn't want to be outside, nor did I want to force my horses to work under those conditions. So they had a nice mellow fall. It was dry for around 5 months and now WHAM~ here are the rains! My ponies are wet and soggy!

The above photos of Luna were taken earlier in the month when it was still dry!

Here is a picture of the smoke and cloud formations from what they call the Table Mountain Fire (ignited by a huge lightning storm.)

My ponies are pasture mates now and seem to enjoy the company.....they meet me at the gate every morning for fresh apples off the tree! I try to groom them while they are eating breakfast if I get the chance....Luna loves it and even the normally wary My Boy (can't let me get too close- I might try to catch him!) has come over for some brushing once he realizes he's a bit jealous and I'm going to let him eat.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!!

Ranch Girl

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Together At Last

 I moved Luna and My Boy in together last weekend.....they were SO happy!

I did this because it's easier to run an extension cord for the trough heater to one trough close to the house and not have to drain three connected get the picture.

It's been mostly love. Poor My Boy, Miss Luna has been nagging him to "play" and he tolerates it but isn't as into it as her little 2 1/2 year old soul is.

She has also been very pesky....destroyed her water tub. Now I am using a steel one but she is still getting a leg in it! She loves to try to play and splash in the water. At this point I'm at a loss on how to keep her out of it. It's not like you can keep a horse away from their water.......

In the above photo my little dog Lizzie is lying in the dirt waiting for the horses to finish their grain tubs so that she can lick them clean!

Hopefully we will get some rain soon (first time in over 3 months.....) and she'll be satisfied with water falling from the sky.

Lots of exciting changes going on with me.....busy selling jewelry at an event next weekend but I'll be back to share about the happenins' in the coming weeks!

Ranch Girl