My Blog Past and Present

Welcome to Ranch Girl Diaries. I am the blogger formerly known as Pony Girl. For several years I chronicled my journey back into the world of horses on the blog Pony Girl Rides Again.

I took a break from my Pony Girl blog to work on other areas of my life. A lot changed that year!

Coming full-circle and missing the community of horse lovers I'd been part of, I felt ready to start up my blog again. However, Pony Girl felt a part of my past. I decided to take a risk and start a blog with a new name. So much has changed in my life! I moved to a a ranch in a different part of the state (I met "the one" :-) started a new career, got engaged, became married, became a step-mama, and had a baby! Life is good!

I hope you will follow my new journey as I move to the country and continue my horse adventures, raising my family, and pursuit of create hobbies!