Ranch Girl

My sister and I on our ponies, sometime in the early 1980's.
I am the one in the cowboy  hat.

Hello, I am "Ranch Girl." I am a 44 year old horse lover! I started riding horses when I was around 8 years old and owned numerous ponies and a horse until I left for college.

After a 16 year hiatus from horses, I took a vacation to Palm Desert where I went riding and was bit by the horse bug again! Within a year I was leasing an Appaloosa gelding named Riley, a.k.a "My Boy." After leasing him for 6  months I bought him, and after relocating to the country 4 years later I purchased a young Mustang mare.  My husband and his mom have 32 horses on their ranch, so we are busy!

On top of horses, I am a mama to an almost two year old son, and a lovely 8 year old step-daughter.

Besides riding all disciplines, my hobbies are reading, photography, blogging, writing, buying and re-selling vintage home decor and antiques, fashion, crafting and jewelry making, movies, music, sports, all animals, and anything outdoors.

I have a weakness for salty snacks, eggnog lattes, and soda, and anything with peanut butter and chocolate. I have more vintage cowboy boots and jewelry then I can ever wear (and a shoe and jean obsession, according to my fiance. ). I love caring for my horses- the simple things like grooming, feeding, and fussing over over them. I always wear sunscreen. Family is everything to me. I like filling vintage blue mason jars full of wildflowers. I love the beach, Woody from Toy Story, and the cacophony of cicadas on a country summer day.

Ranch Girl and Ranch Boy.

Thank you for stopping by!
 Happy trails!