Monday, April 28, 2014

baby birthdays and a saddle!

I can't believe Ranch Boy Jr. Turned one!! He is an amazing baby he makes us smile every day. Today he was playing with the cordless phone and after hitting a few buttons to make a call he put it to his..... forehead. Silly boy! He did that several times.  He sits on my bathroom floor while I get ready and gets into my cupboard (the only one we haven't put safety latches on yet) and rearranges and organize my nail polishes into any container/shoe/box he can find. And we had him try baked beans (the sauce only-who wouldn't love the brown sugar sweetness?) And he threw up. He throws up anything with texture. He loves his runny mushy baby food only!

In other news I bought a saddle! It's a used Wintec Pro Dressage with the gullet change system. It's in pretty good shape and was a great price. I had a trial ride on My Boy and then a family friend who rides English (and is more knowledgeable about saddle fit then me) helped me for fit it to him and she gave it the thumbs up.

So while I didn't do the professional saddle fitter I am happy with what I ended up with. I just ordered stirrups and irons for it (I had to borrow some off a jump saddle to trial it. ) As soon as I get them I will share some better photos.

Oh- and my new adventure is up and running!! I'll share more in my next post but it is called "The "Pipsqueak Boutique" and you can find me on Facebook and Instagram! I am loving being creative again and making chalkboards, baby onesies, and other treasures for the nursery!!

One more of my cutie!! He wasn't too keen on the bow tie outfit, I'm afraid.

Ranch Girl


juliette said...

Happy Birthday little one! What a sweetie pie he is! Too cute!!!!!

baystatebrumby said...

Look at him getting so huge. isn't it amazing how fast a baby grows? I am always amazed at how their organs and bones and skin can make such huge changes in a 12 month period. Same with high school kids. One small year can make such a big difference. Astounding. I like your new saddle. Maybe you can get a caboose for it and put the little guy on Your Boy's rump! WHEEEE! Wouldn't that be fun?

Crystal said...

Wow a year old already! Seems like yesterday he was born.

I have always wondered how those changeable gullets worked, I will read through here and see if you like it

achieve1dream said...

That tricycle picture is so cute!! Happy Birthday Junior!

Also congrats on the saddle. :D

Armando Wise said...

Awww! Ranch Boy Jr. looks really adorable! I guess he was curious as to how the telephone works. We might have a young Alexander Graham Bell in the making? Hahaha! I hope he had a blast on his birthday. Anyway, your new saddle looks pretty sleek and cool. I like its blue sporty color. Thanks for sharing! All the best!

Armando Wise @ Equiluxe

April said...

Where'd you go? I miss your posts!!! :-P

Rebecca said...

I'm with April! Missing your posts!