Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here We Go Again

Well, my sweet little roany pony is not getting better. So if we can get her loaded into a trailer tomorrow, she has an appointment to get her teeth checked/floated and some blood work.

Compiling all my evidence (I truly have become a pet detective) I have begun to think (and hope, as it seems the lesser of all evils and treatable) it is her teeth. She is at the age to have issues with adult tooth eruption, sharp baby caps, and wolf teeth. In the last few episodes, she is much better after being on Banamine, being pulled from pasture and hay, and fed strictly soft mashes. Any time she has to eat hay or graze and chew and there is no Banamine in her system, she will stamp front and hind feet, shake head, rub nose on legs, run around, stamp more, ears out to side.....and stand there and yawn and chomp her jaw. Never has she tried to roll or lie down during any of this. Her poop is always normal. But~ teeth issues can contribute to colicky issues, as well, as she may not chew her food not properly due to painful teeth, which some of you mentioned.

Thank you for all of your advice, I GREATLY appreciate your ideas and support! I even got an email from one of my Rockin Heart Jewelry customers mentioning a HYPP diagnosed horse at her barn that had been exhibiting colic symptoms. This opened a whole new train of thought and brainstorming. It is through this blog community that we learn so much more about these sometimes complex equines of ours!!

So, I will update you tomorrow night or on Saturday after what happens tomorrow.

Keep the roany pony in your thoughts and prayers!!

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

sure hope you get it resolved . She is a sweet looking girl , and all you have written about her says she is as sweet and good as she looks

fernvalley01 said...

If she is nervous about loading , can you haul another horse with her? Riley perhaps?(hope I got his name right )

Reddunappy said...

Sure hope you can get an idea about whats bothering her!!!

strivingforsavvy said...

I hope it is just her teeth. That would be a pretty easy fix! Good luck!

The Homestead Maiden said...

I hope its her teeth also! I hope she loads great and gets better quick!!!!! You might want to load another horse with her, our Arab will not ride in a trailer unless our QH is with him. lol


Sydney said...

Good luck. Sometimes abscessed teeth will make a horse colicy. My gelding had one when he was 3 or so that caused him a lot of trouble.