Saturday, February 18, 2012

Howdy Folks

Sorry it's taken me so long to post again! I have been busy with a new temporary substitute position at a local school which has kept me busy, between dealing with my sick pony and making jewelry!

Paint Girl is busy in Scottsdale for the big Arabian show, woo-hoot! I am sure she is working on her tan. Stinker.
Meanwhile, we got another round of fresh snow last night. It's kind of wet but awfully pretty this morning, when I went out to feed.

I really appreciate everyone's comments on Loretta and her tummy troubles. She is more the same. I notice symptoms more frequently, but they are less severe and dramatic. I got a quote on GastroGard~ $900. Yikes!

I also got some advice on using Aloe and Cabbage juice. Brown-Eyed Cowgirls also mentioned this so I am going to explore it further. I am open to all options yet I feel I need to get something going.

Part of me was just hoping that the heat cycle issue would resolve itself and I would notice the tummy troubles leaving, too. However, I am still seeing that she seems to be in discomfort around or after feeding, which really points to the ulcers being the cause of her pain. I did pick up some Ulcer-Rid (to help with ulcer pain, not rid them, ironcially) and some Mare Magic to hopefully temporarily relieve some pain but of course I am having problems with her eating them, even when mashed into a bit of grain (which I had taken her off of for the last couple of weeks. Before that, she'd eat anything I'd put in a mash!)

I have some really fun new cowgirl necklaces that I am making for an upcoming event! Whatever doesn't sell at the 3-day event will end up in my Etsy shop. I was inspired by this necklace which I bought from a gal named Dani, she has an Etsy shop she calls LeonaRose Designs. It is a soldered glass necklace with a bling heart in it. I loved the big chunky style and wore it on Valentine's Day.

I don't do soldered glass jewelry, but I found these glass and metal frames which are super cute when filled with cowgirl images!!

As you can tell, I am kinda obsessed with bows right now. Who says a cowgirl can't have a girly side?

 Ihope all is well for y'all, enjoy your weekend!!

Ranch Girl


cdncowgirl said...

Sorry to hear Lo is still having issues :(

Funny you mentioned the subbing, I keep meaning to ask if you're still teaching.

Oh, and if you do end up putting those on Etsy I hope you mention it, a couple caught my eye! :)

Raquel said...

I love finding bloggers who share similar interests & passions as I do. I'm sorry about the troubles you've been having with Lo, I can definitely relate & it's just the worst when we aren't quite sure how to help our furry friends. I also just checked out your etsy shop & I love the vintage pieces!

Crystal said...

Hope the sick pony gets better soon, that is no fun :( But I do love the new jewellery you have.

Desert Rose said...

it must be so hard to see Loretta feeling bad as often as she has been :((( Just a thought...I wonder if feeding cubes would be gentler on her tummy??? Maybe less pokey sticks to deal with and I know that they are less dusty that flake grass.
How long is your temp job for??? Maybe it will work into aomething permanent :)))
Love the new necklaces...

dusty devoe said...

Hoping Miss Loretta gets some relief soon. Love the necklaces.

dusty devoe said...

Hoping Miss Loretta gets some relief soon. Love the necklaces.

fernvalley01 said...

The necklaces look wonderful! Hope poor Loretta improves soon. BEC seems to know her stuff when it comes to Ulcers I hope her advice helps

baystatebrumby said...

If only we didn't have to work for a living! Still, I bet you are a really fun and creative teacher! But don't be too good or they will want to hire you full time and forever! I LOVE the pics of your snow. Don't the horses look so gorgeous in it.