Sunday, August 26, 2012

After The Fire

Things have settled down with the wildfires. Normalcy has returned to the ranch and our evacuated horse guests got to return to their stable, but I have not forgotten to think about those that are still struggling with losing their homes or livestock.

On the way back from a trip to town last week I took a route that drove me through much of the fire zone. It is amazing how fickle fires can be. Skipping houses and buildings on the same property, or burning the land completely around a house yet leaving the house intact.

On to horsin' around time~ I did get a ride in on my roany pony!!

Ranch Boy kept her on the 14 ft. line for me as I did the starts, stops, and steering. It was the first time I've ridden her, other than just sitting in the saddle or sitting on her bareback. Oh and she does have a tail, it's just blowing behind her in the wind!

I am hoping to have a chance to ride her again this week, and teach her to pony from My Boy.

I call her Luna my little cowpie. She has the worst poos to clean up ever, they are huge! And if she is stalled, she tromps all through it making a mess. I brought My Boy and her to the ranch for a weekend of work and I put her in a panel pen with a muck bucket for water. This is what she did to it:

She's lucky she didn't hurt herself! I tied it to the panels because I've had her knock over one before. She loves water and putting her foot in the bucket if she can. To top it off, someone's dog was running and barking at her as she pawed the bucket which made matters worse. Then, I tried using a metal garbage can as her water trough but she banged that and the seam started leaking. Finally, after some visiting horses left, I moved her to a larger pen with a regular horse tank. She has a tank in her pasture she doesn't mess with, I think it was a combination of the shorter water source and being restless in a small space that she just couldn't resist fussing with it.

My Boy has been getting attention, too! Ranch Boy's daughter is pretty determined to make him "hers."  She wants to feed him and scoop poo in his pasture.

 She had her first riding lesson on him the other night and did really well! I think he likes her quite a bit! I kept her on the line but made her do the turning, back him, cues, etc. The worst thing My Boy would do with a kid on his back is stand there and refuse to go, or go in a circle. That horse would never run off with a child. He wouldn't waste the energy!

I had a great trail ride on My Boy on Saturday, too! He was perfect, especially for not being out in several weeks. I love that about him.

It is ironic Ranch Girl Jr. is riding my pony, because recently I've been riding "hers!" We took a ride up into the woods a week ago, and took a picnic.

This little one is carrying a bit too much weight, so I rode her as she needed a workout. Pepper is an ex-4-H pony, a sturdy Mustang/Paso Fino cross. She's like a mountain goat, surefooted and not spooky. She just does her job. She's packed Ranch Girl Jr. around the arena at a lope and has always taken good care of her. Even though at just about 14 hands she has the stride of a pony, I still really enjoyed riding her.

It is hard to believe summer is coming to a rapid close. I hope that we have a lovely fall season and I can get in a lot of pony time! This is the first summer I have had to work in 11 years- summer time is usually teacher time off for me. I am really miss being around the ranch and getting to ride!

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

Glad the fire is settled and unbder control , but very scary time! Love that "my Boy" is such a sweetie with the little one

Anonymous said...

Glad you're safe from the fires - that must have been very scary! The horse crew is looking mighty fine - nice that you're getting in some rides.

Story said...

That was exactly what we saw when fire went through our house standing, the next one gone, with no explanation. Very sad and the area will be forever changed.

Summer seems to have gone so fast this year but hopefully we get lots more horse time in before the snow flies.

Your horsey family is looking great.

50+ Horses said...

We had to go to Ellensburg this weekend and saw the remains of the fire. Amazing how much acreage it burned and as you noted, how it skipped some homes and took others. A friend of ours returned to find her home safe but neighbors on both sides had lost theirs. So tragic.

I'm grateful you and yours were spared. Very touching in Cle Elum to see the thank you posters for the fire fighters in storefront windows.

Crystal said...

First time I seen a fire, I thought the same thing, big areas burnt and then a bunch of spots not even touched.

Luna is looking good so glad you are getting some rides in too.

C-ingspots said...

So happy to hear that those fires are under control, and so sad how so many people have faced devastating losses. I can't even imagine what that must feel like.
We actually had a little rain last evening. Felt refreshing for a change! Our weather has changed drastically, from extreme heat to cool/coldish mornings and so much dew! I'm looking forward to fall with the brisk weather, but not ready for the rain that we always get. I haven't gotten nearly enough riding time again this year. I'm really looking forward to my life just slowing down a whole bunch, but not sure when that's going to be. :) Just keep going I guess. Wonderful that you've gotten good riding in, and that little girl is adorable! Keep enjoying your horses!! That's sure beautiful country you've moved to...

Paint Girl said...

Yes, very happy that the fire is under control!! It won't look the same next time I come to visit! :(
I love that you gave Ranch Girl Jr a lesson on your boy!! I think it's adorable. It is probably almost time for her to move up to a bigger pony!!
Also happy to see you get a "real" ride in on your Luna!!

baystatebrumby said...

The fires fill me with anxiety. Just thinking about them and the horses and animals and homes and lives. It is so dreadful. I am glad it is safe for you now.
Love the cowgirl in training!