Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spring and Earthshakes

That word is probably foreign to many of you right now experiencing crazy winter weather. I really am looking forward to spring....but I know that I should not be, because winter has skipped us this year. While that sounds cool and all, it has meant milder temps, more mud.....and that in of itself has been a pain.

But the real trouble lies in so many areas you don't normally think of. It trickles down....I know people who have lost their employment because the lack of snow has affected tourism. The lack of snow pack is going to greatly affect our hay season (prices will sky rocket, and they are already to the moon) and our fire season? I can't imagine. Two years ago we had a terrifying forest fire situation within view from our front porch and it is not a scene I want to see again!

 Oh and the other night we had an earthquake shake us awake! That was slightly unsettling.

I am thoroughly enjoying My Boy right now. I am just bursting with excitement to reconnect with this horse and I think he is actually enjoying coming out of "retirement." I never thought I'd say that for this boy! I have so many thoughts and new experiences in my head (such as riding bitless) and I will try to share them with you over time. I am changing my perspective on riding. Mostly because what I want to do with my riding at this time in my life is completely different from where it might have been 7 years ago when My Boy came into my life, before I had a child, got married, etc. It's a pretty big deal, to know what and where you are going with your horse/s. It's an honest question we should all check in with ourselves from time to time. Our time is precious, our commitment to families and jobs and other interests.....I just think the end goal of owning a horse should be for the joy of interacting with that horse in some way that is beneficial to both, whatever that might be. I guess I didn't realize how easy that was- it doesn't always have to be a production. Even just a brisk morning hand walk up a long winding dirt road in the trees (the above photo) can be such a spirit-lifter for both myself, and my horse! (Hence the John Muir quote.)

My mom got back into horses after a hiatus, and now is selling the black Missouri Fox Trotter mare that she bought. It turns out Foxy is a lovely trail horse, but isn't overly fond of being ridden in an arena, and something my mom is just not confident working through with her. Unfortunately she has to board the horse and part of the year would like a horse that doesn't mind being worked in an arena.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's day with the loved ones in your life. I'll be back soon!

Ranch Girl


aurora said...

Being in the woods does have a way of "making you taller". I've never thought of it that way. It's one of my favorite places to think, and just be me. I absolutely love your photo graphic!! Can I have your permission to share it? It's okay if you rather I didn't. I too always wonder what is/will be off balance when Mother Nature is out of whack...

fernvalley01 said...

SO glad you are enjoying your wonderful boy! Scary about the weather, hope you get some spring moisture

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Aurora Yes, you may use the graphic, thanks for asking! ;-)