Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ranch Life

It is great living in the country again but I'd forgotten certain aspects of country life.

Like the insects.

I love the sound of the insects in the grasses and woods (cicadas and crickets.) They hum day and night.

But there are the pesky insects, too. Like the one that just bit me on the arm while typing this post in the office! I have no idea where he came from. Sad to say, he didn't survive.

However, the most shocking insect I've seen was this moth.

It was nearly the size of my hand!

Please ignore my wrinkly, unpedicured hand.

It appeared to be dying, it looked like it had crashed into the side of the metal shop.

Then again, I don't know much about moth behavior during the day. I typically see them fluttering about in the lights at night. At least normal sized moths. I have never seen one the size of a bird fluttering about!

I will give you a My Boy update in my next post. I didn't get a ride in on him today as I had to help around the ranch. But oh goodness did MB and I got to battle on Friday! Those of you that know my horse can probably guess what it was about...... ?

And I am SO excited, I started making my western jewelry and leather bracelets! They are turning out pretty groovy and I hope to have my online store up and running by mid-August!

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

I love the country , except the Mosquitos and we have them in abundance!

Crystal said...

Wow that is one big moth!

cdncowgirl said...

Wow that's quite a moth! Kinda pretty though.

Hmm... its not the sarcoid again is it?

baystatebrumby said...

RANCH GIRL! I have been busy vacationing for the last week, but now that I have found you, I cannot wait to read about your adventures! This is AWSUM, your new blog, new locale and everything! Yeeehaw, it looks fantastic so far!