Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Riding

Finally, a day of sunshine! I got out my ponies and my friend joined me for a ride. We've been trying to trail ride together at least one day a week. She doesn't have a horse, so she rides My Boy. He's been PERFECT for her! I'm so excited to have someone to ride him and that he has been so good. I think he's better for her than he is for me!

{I didn't get any photos of the horseback ride~ I was more worried about my little mare not running off the cliff in fear of deer! However, I have taken some autumn shots recently and thought they'd be pretty to share in this post}

It is interesting how the horses are SO different this time of year. Loretta was especially snorty and spooky while tacking up, so I took her to the arena and longed her sillies out before we left. Funny thing, she loped around in perfect slow circles, didn't throw in a buck or gallop at all! She usually does on the longe line. Maybe she didn't this time because this time she was saddled?

On the way up the steep hill to start our ride we spotted a young buck and doe. Loretta was nervous about them. They crossed our path and went up the hillside. I had My Boy go first, he is pretty calm with deer, I have encountered them a lot while on him. I am not so sure about Loretta, she seemed almost nervous enough to turn around on me. She also looks and shies sideways around every puddle we came upon. I finally had My Boy walk by them first and she followed him by them just fine. Sometimes it helps to have that calm, been-there-done that horse help the babies encounter the trail monsters!!

When we got to the top of the hill the deer had finished climbing ahead of us and were heading to our right, so we took a trail to the left. Then I turned around and saw that Lizzie, my little dog, had followed us up the hill. This is a no-no! She is too young and adventuresome and I don't want her wandering off after a deer or wild turkey and get lost, or worse case scenario, eaten by a coyote. Because I didn't want to have to worry about her, we did a short ride then headed back. Lizzie kept running off to chase chipmunks in the woods and I'd have to whistle and call for her to stay close. Luckily the horses are use to that little white dog being under their feet and they cared less she was with us.

The weather looks to be good next week and I hope to get more rides in! Both of my horses hooves were wet and their frogs are peeling something awful. Loretta's were worse, I need to keep an eye on them they were peeling back towards the bulb. The farrier will be out in a few weeks to pull shoes and trim for the winter.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!! Next time, I will share some autumn goodness with you!!

xo, Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

Glad you are enjoying some nice rided and good weather!

Mikey said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. Great time of year to ride :)

Crystal said...

The Pics were awesome! Good to hear you got a friend to ride your boy :)