Saturday, December 10, 2011

Under Construction

We've been busy getting the tree decorated and the home cozy for Christmas!

Alas, since we are snow-free right now, we've been busy outside and have hardly had time to sit inside and enjoy it. We are working on some projects for my ponies.  We are going to fence a new section of pasture that will allow us to get closer to electric and water sources. This will prevent me from having to do this every 3 days~
(As much as I like how my biceps are looking....)

Yes, I am draining the hoses after use so they don't freeze up (this apple tree method actually works when done properly!)

Second, we are building a run-in shed. Here is a sneak peak~

Also, I have just listed a few new items on my Etsy shop! This is only the beginning of the listings which will be filtering onto my site in the next week or so!!


Any of you that have an Etsy shop, you are probably aware of the work it takes to list an item. You want to try to photograph it as well as you can. Get the proper measurements, and write a good description. This makes all the difference for customers. I think I struggle mostly with the photographs. Photographing jewelry is actually hard! I have a friend who wants to practice her photography and offered to do a photo shoot. I need to take her up on it!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Ranch Girl


cowgirljlynn said...

See that cute little pony cousin sitting behind you! Your tree is pretty...

Heidi said...

If you have an air compressor, I have heard that it works well to use that to blow air into a hose and get the water out that way. Might be a bit easier, but no bicep workout if that's what you are going for ;-)

fernvalley01 said...

busy girl! the jewelry is lovely as always.One little trick I have found is to use a garden style hose reel mine is in a box that rolls up about 100 ft of hose the rolling action gets the water out and makes the hose nice and compact for storage similar to This one

Patches said...

Lovin' your jewelry! So pretty! I do love the whole frozen hose issue this time of year. Such a PITA! We are trying a new thing this year with ours and so far it's working GREAT! We got one of those hose reel carts with the wheels on it. I'm not cool and don't know how to link to it like fernvalley01. Anyways, we roll the hose up on it, and wheel it into the heated pump house so drained or not, it doesn't freeze. Still a bit of a bicep workout to roll up the hose since those long hoses can be heavy, but not so much as the apple tree method.