Sunday, December 4, 2011

When You Live in the Country...... can have mousey critters move into your car and make a nest out of the Kleenex box in the trunk~


Other times, you get to see really wonderful wildlife, like our favorite little buck whom we call "Little Spike" ~

......or his brother "Little Horns" (that isn't his official name, I just made that up for this post)


Then, you have fun hiking through the woods trying to find the perfect Christmas tree,

 posing for photos for the Christmas card, and getting licked in the lips by your silly dog~

Yes, living in the country has its moments.

But mostly, it's PRICELESS.

Until tomorrow, when I get to Shop-Vac up the mouse turds.

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

except for the mousie issues it is the best life in the world!

Oz Girl said...

LOL, pretty funny about the mouse in the trunk Michelle!! I totally agree with you though. Living in the country is SO worth all of it!!!! :)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...


Crystal said...

Yup pretty great!! Cant say I am excited about mice, but I guess thats what cats are for ;)

Paint Girl said...

Oh yeah, been there!! Hate it when mice just have to find a way into the vehicle!! Although mine died somewhere that could not be found and it is the worst smell ever!!
But being in the country is all worth it, right?

Misty Dawn said...

I had one get in my glove box. Caught it on a glue trap I put in there in the evening :-) Yes, there are moments (like when the cows get out and stand in the road and no one is home but me), but I wouldn't (or couldn't) live anywhere but the country!

Sares said...

Oh No! Guess you're gonna have to get the shop vac out!I hope the little guy finds his way out of your trunk on his own. Are you gonna look for a hole? I think the scenery makes it all worthwhile though. Oh and a certain guy and his little filly.