Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter Is Here?!

Ranch Boy was putting the metal trim on the run-in shed roof a week ago and Miss Luna was being her curious self. She wasn't afraid of the electric drill as he struggled getting the screws into the metal.

There isn't much that scares this girl, really. In fact, quite often she can be a pest. She destroyed one large plastic (heavy duty) water trough. I'm using a steel one now but she still gets a whole leg in there banging around. I can't wait until the spring creek is running through her pasture, I guarantee you, she'll be in there playing!

The other day the farrier came and as he opened the back of his truck and unload his equipment she stuck her nose right up there smelling everything, including his head. She is like an over-sized Golden Retriever. In fact, she can be borderline TOO curious or pushy.

By the way, notice the nice three strands of hot-wire in the photo above? This was new as of September because Luna found a way to get the two previous strands loose and escape. She ended up in the neighbor's yard munching away. Luckily she is easy to catch and the neighbor caught her with a rope and called us (both around 7:30 in the morning.) This was before My Boy was pastured with her. I never had problems with My Boy or Loretta with fencing, but the hot wire doesn't seem to overly bother my thick-skinned Mustang!

My ponies had a few morning breakfasts with a light dusting of snow already!

Look how wide Luna is in the chest at age 2 1/2! And how solid her legs are. They are bigger than My Boy's! Built like a John Deere, this one!

All the good rain in October helped My Boy's pasture (which has been shut off to them) grow an inkling of green grass. I turned them out there the other day as we were outside raking leaves. They were SO excited to wander into a new space (especially for Luna, she'd never been in there before) and nibble on the grass. She kept stopping just to trot around in excitement.

Later in the afternoon they ended up both on a running spree. It was a gorgeous crisp sunny afternoon and as Ranch Boy's mom said, "Sometimes I think they just like to run!" My Boy had his tail flagged and floated along, blowing and snorting. Luna just ran her little heart out, digging in like a little tank (this filly has no grace.) I had to actually let them cool down before I fed, Luna was hot and wet with sweat! I'm glad they had fun, though.

There are some nicely colored Paint horses being pastured next door for a month eating up the rest of the field and I feel bad when I feed in the morning, they stand by the fence and stare longingly at my horses' hay.

I've spoiled my ponies with apples every morning on my way to feed. There is a tree just off our front porch and they are falling off quickly, so I pick up a few and they meet me at the gate. They get two each.

Of course, I just put them on the ground under the gate to prevent (Luna) from getting nibbly.

Of course, if I am too slow or skip this, Luna starts pounding at the gate.


Sorry about the photo quality of the pictures in this post. I've just been snapping pics on my I-phone which is definitely easier but not always the best quality, especially if I move at all things get a little blurry.

Until next time!

Ranch Girl


Reddunappy said...

LOL Luna sounds a lot like my Emma!! LOL if she can reach it she is into it!! They do outgrow it a little, LOL I swear that Emma is a Shetland pony reincarnated as an Appaloosa!! LOL

Ruffles said...

Luna is gorgeous. She sounds so cute :)

Paint Girl said...

Love the look on Luna's face in the first picture! She should grow out of some of that stuff. She is a baby and sometimes it can be frustrating but it's all worth it in the end! I swear Luna is gonna be as big as your boy!!

Girl With a Dream said...

love the pictures they are really good. Luna looks really good, she reminds me of a cob i used to ride at my old riding school. xx

fernvalley01 said...

She sounds like a great little mare, and any pics at all of your handsome spotty is good for me!

Crystal said...

Looks like Luna found a perfect home!! She is very cute :)

Laura said...

Luna is adorable(even if she is a bit of a brat)! Thanks for sharing a few pics of your spotted boy as well. Makes me miss my old spotted butt. *sigh*

baystatebrumby said...

SNOW? SHRIEK! All of those horses look great, and I think your pictures are still amazing. Glad to hear everything is so cute around there, including your golden retriever pony!! haha! Sniffing the farriers head, that is so very dear.

Marissa said...

I just found your blog, and loved to read about your golden retriever like horse! Is she a mustang too? I ride a mustang, and she is so curious about everything! Cautious, but definitely curious!

Look forward to reading more posts about your horses!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Hi Marissa, do you have a blog? Yes, Luna is a Mustang! Adopted from the BLM around 1 year of age. She's about 3 and greenbroke. I am having a baby in 4 weeks, but hope to get her going again this summer!! Thanks for stopping by!