Monday, January 14, 2013

3 Degrees

There hasn't been too much excitement here so far in 2013. I've just been working and enjoying my pregnancy. We haven't had snow in a week and a's been mostly really cold, dry temps. When we left to visit a local cafe for breakfast Sunday morning it was only 3 degrees!

Luna is so playful, poor My Boy has to tolerate her attempts at playing. She'll nip his sides then rear up at him. Once in a while he'll play with her a bit, but he usually just ignores her advances.

"I just want to be an Appy too!" After a roll in the snow, Luna jumps up all covered with the white stuff!

Luna gets so crazy on some of the cold mornings at feeding time. I would like to try to get a video of it sometime. While My Boy just stands at the fence and waits for me to wheel over breakfast, Luna will trot or RUN around like a banshee. I don't particularly like this as one of their frequented pasture areas is getting a well compacted and now a little icy.

There have been a lot of mornings with frozen icicle whispers! I need to trim up My Boy's one weekend.

Built like a tank!

I've been making Luna stand nicely at the fence while I pour their morning grain into their tubs. Luna gets hers first, because she won't wait and would start eating his. My Boy will now stand off to the side a bit and wait for his. Luna paces along the fence (right in front of My Boy, sometimes about taking his head off as she goes by!) Or as I'm pouring the grain she tries to get her head over the fence and bobs and fusses and is generally very impatient. I put up my hand and say "Whoa" and as soon as she stands calmly (even for just a few seconds, to start) I will push her tub under the fence. In the past I just tried to get them the grain fast to avoid any scuffles between them but then I realized these little things we do can create bad habits and there is no reason she can learn to be rewarded for waiting calmly for a few seconds!

My handsome boy!

More than anything, my girl just needs to be worked. Maybe next winter I will be able to board her for the winter. I actually could have done it for a few months this winter, but being pregnant.....realized it wasn't the smartest option because I'd rather spend the money when I can actually ride her! I'm not worried, she's just barely 3 and next summer will be a continuation of her education.

I had fun taking photos of my horses in the snow! It makes such a lovely backdrop for their colors and adds a lot of light in the photos.

I hope your 2013 is off to a great start!

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

They both look good , and good idea to remind her of her manners at feeding time.

Paint Girl said...

So pretty out in the snow! 3 degrees is a little cold for me. We have had a few nights in the upper teens. I got snow this morning and tonight it's been snowing off and on. Everything is all white but it isn't quite an inch. It is better then rain!!

aurora said...

My Boy (well actually your boy, lol) is one handsome fellow & so good nature to put up with that silly playful girl!!

Crystal said...

Yup sure do look good in the snow, but it can still be pretty when its not quite so cold out ;)

Laura said...

I love the first pic! Poor My Boy getting tormented by a silly youngster... ;-)

3 degrees is pretty chilly - we get those temps a lot here...

BUSH BABE said...

I find myself wondering if the cold is easy to cope with while pregnant - on one hand the body runs hotter, so it should help ease the chill. On the other, that slippery snow and ice - when one's centre of gravity is altered. Stay safe!!!

Always love seeing pics of your boy.

baystatebrumby said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. They are like reading a poem. They speak so beautifully about you and your herd. Just lovely.