Monday, January 28, 2013

Thought I would share the latest bump photo! Just under 3 months to go..... I need to get an appointment for my horses to get their hooves trimmed in February, that way I should be good until after baby is born and any recover that comes a long with that! Ranch Boy is going to have to take over feeding duties from me.

I will do it as long as I can. I got a great pair of "Yak Traks" to put on my boots so there has been no slipping or falling this year! I actually enjoy the twice daily routine of feeding- it gets me out and moving twice a day, as I don't have a very physical job. I love getting a sense of how my horses are doing, checking in on the weather, monitoring their feed, and saying hello to them.

Speaking of feeding, this is what I see out of the kitchen window in the morning around 7:30 when I get up for work. My Boy is so smart, he notices any sign of movement or a light on.  He just stares at me with this cute expression, anticipating I'll coming out soon to feed. It's nice to see my whole pasture and my horses out my back door! There is one blind spot corner where Luna likes to hang out alongside the ranch horse pasture. This, of course, is also near the area where she's escaped so sometimes when I don't see her right away I panic at first she's gotten into the pasture next door. However, if My Boy isn't in distress then I know she's just tucked in that corner. When she has made it to the other side, he won't cross the downed wire and then he cries and trots around for her. The fence has been good and hot lately so I've had no Luna escape episodes!

We haven't much more in the way of snow accumulation, but have had some frigid and foggy mornings. Look at Luna one morning last week- she looks like a roan again! Totally frosty-tipped fur!

I hope you have a great last week of January. Hard to believe February is almost here! Spring is around the corner......maybe?

This week I am thinking of my friend Amanda, Bush Babe, over there in Queensland as they are dealing with some awful flooding in those parts. Stay safe BB!!

Ranch Girl


Crystal said...

You looks good, sure not very big for only 3 months to go!
I know what you mean about them waiting for you to feed, when i have mine in the yard it always feels like they are staring in the window willing me to come out, lol.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You look beautiful! It's great to see you and your growing belly. Won't be long now...for the baby arrival AND hopefully Spring!

Stay warm,

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

you look awesome i bet you can't wait for the three weeks to go!
so sweet that you can see them from your horse I would love to do that! Let's hope spring is here soon and brings abit of warmnth!

Laura said...

You are a pretty cute pregnant lady - the bump and the royal blue really suits you. :-)

Cute that your Boy watches the window for someone to come outside. I agree with you about going out to feed - it is nice to get outside and see how the horses are doing day to day.

fernvalley01 said...

You look adorable! Nice that you are getting out to see the ponies safely. MY Phoenix is like your boy, knows the minute the lights come on

Paint Girl said...

Isn't it nice having your horses right out your back door? I like them at home because I don't have to go anywhere to see them. Much easier to monitor, that's for sure!
Luna looks a little frosty there, brrr.
And your bump is adorable. Can't wait for my nephew to make an appearance!! Not too much longer.

C-ingspots said...

Oh congratulations!! I didn't know you were expecting a look adorable, by the way. :)
Yes, the Yak traks are the way to go. Hubby has some of those because he's a commuter and has to walk on icy roads. Want to keep him safe too! Good timing on the pregnancy - you're due in March? Perfect, I'd say!! How exciting!! Sounds like you're doing well and your ponies are good too. So glad to hear an update from you!! Take care...boy or girl, do you know???

Reddunappy said...

Your so cute!! LOL LOL

Due in April? my Bday is in April!

BS said...

Love the photos! We have to close our blinds at night and if I don't and happen to get up during night our donkey's and goats all talk to me!!!!

BUSH BABE said...

Nawww - thanks for thinking of me honey! As you can see, my blog reading kinda went out the window when we had our latest little stoush with Mother Nature... all good here. Well, nothing some fresh posts and wire cannot fix anyway.

You look gorgeous! I loved being pregnant (even with the sometimes- uncomfortable 'stuff' that came with it).


baystatebrumby said...

Love the darling bump. I just can't wait to see that baby in the saddle. Giddeyap, Luna, there's a wee rider on its way!!!!