Friday, February 7, 2014

my interview

I hope you will all participate! Cut and paste into your blog and have fun answering these horse-related questions!!

1. What is your favorite breed/s of horse, and if you could purchase a new horse what breed would it be?
When I was younger I was all about having "favorite breeds." It was Morgans, Appaloosas, Quarter Horses....and 50 others that changed on a monthly basis. But after being with Ranch Boy and working with his 30+ horses, I have come to realize it is not about the breed as much as it is about the horse. Sure, certain looks and personality traits of some breeds are more attractive to me than others. But my next horse won't be a particular breed just because, rather, I will look at all breeds and try to find the horse that best suits my intended discipline and personality. That being said, I think Friesians are one of the most beautiful breeds out there, and I still love Appaloosas! 

2. What is your favorite personal tack item?
I have a headstall for Luna that is special because her former owner made it. I am attached to my Circle Y western saddle because it was the first thing I bought when I got back into horses after a 16 year hiatus. I'm going to sell it but I'm kind of sad to.

3. Horse products you swear by?
I'd have to say joint supplement. I use a pellet form called Legacy Senior, but have used a variety of brands over the years for my 20 year old gelding who has some arthritis in his hocks. I wasn't sure it worked so I took him off of it one fall and he became quite off in the hind. After a few months of being back on it, he moved much happier and was his old self again. So, I believe!

4. Rider products or items you swear by?
Hmm.....obviously good footwear! I love my Muck brand boots for muddy or wet horse care. I like SSG deerskin gloves for riding and lounging. And I really like Ariat cowboy boots for riding. I'm just getting into English gear so I'm assuming I'll build up my favorites there too! I'm discovering that breeches are super comfy and why would anyone every want to ride in jeans?

5. Favorite tack catalogs to shop from?
I love to browse and dog-ear catalog pages! For western I like discount tack like Chicks, Jeffers, or Valley Vet. For English, Dover or Smart Pak are my new favorites. I got some great boots from Riding Warehouse Western/English (online, they are located in California.) They had a year end-sale and I called to ask about the boot sizing and got a real person that answered! She actually had the same boots and gave me some great advice. Not only were they on sale, there was no tax or shipping. Score!

6. Is your home decorated "horsey", as in western or equestrian-themed?
In some spots it has a few western and equestrian touches. Like barn wood frames, etc. Ranch Boy Jr.'s nursery has a few cowboy touches. But overall the home is pretty vintage and rustic chic.

7. Do you wear horse, Western, or equestrian-themed jewelry?
I did before I had a baby! Now I wear no jewelry because he wants to grab everything. My jewlery style has evolved. I made jewelry for several years and some of it was horse or western-themed. Then I became a Stella and Dot stylist and that jewlery is more trendy, vintage inspired. I really just like jewelry but am pretty eclectic, depends on my mood, where I am going, etc. 

8. A style of riding you'd like to try sometime?
Four years ago I took saddle seat lessons because I always wanted to! Now I'm doing dressage. Someday I'd love to learn to rope and move cattle.

9. Biggest lesson you've learned about horses?
That they are not big puppy dogs or pets. Yes I love them, but they can dangerous,  and need to be well-mannered and respectful. I think too many people spoil their horses unintentionally. I am guilty! By spoiling I don't just mean feeding them carrots and cookies. I mean letting them have an inch in a variety of situations when handling them on the ground and riding that build bad habits.  I don't think horses intentionally set out to take advantage of us and our bad habits, but over time if they find release and comfort in our little mistakes, they will settle there and become more difficult and then we've got problems on our hands! We can't really blame them when it was our fault to begin with by sending mixed messages.

10. Is your significant other a rider too?
Ha Ha! Ranch Boy's livliehood is centered around horses but he is not a horse lover or passionate about them like I am! I always called him a basketball and rap loving cowboy. I wish he would take some lessons or attend a clinic with me and try to understand horse nature a little better because I think the things that frustrate him about horses in his job could be a little easier if he could understand how a horse learns, rather than just expect the horse to do what he wants it to. That being said, he will trail ride with me and supports my interest and love in horses. It is the only hobby I really care to spend time or money on!

11. What horse issues bother you the most?
Where do I start? The biggest ones are abuse in training, whatever breed. Especially in the show world, it blows my mind what people do to horses to get the win. Do they even really love or care about horses, their welfare, and how they learn? I can't imagine. I'm talking those in the gaited horse world with soring and huge shoes, Arabian halter classes, head tying, etc. Every discipline has their share of bad and abusive trainers who want quick results. Other than that, domestic horse overpopulation/breeding and the BLM management wild horse issues are troublesome, too.

12. Favorite horse magazines to read, or do you just read blogs/online sites?
I love horse magazines and have since I was a kid!! I enjoy Equus and all of it's great health tips. I also get Sidelines, Cowgirl (that was a Christmas present from Ranch Boy) Practical Horseman and Western Horseman. I will pretty much read any horse magazine, when I can find the time. I usually have a stack that I am behind on! I love blogs/online reading but always will prefer the feel of a real magazine in my hands!

13. String along some thoughts that summarize your involvement of horses......
Sweet smell of horse sweat and leather.......feeding my horses no matter what the weather.....Jean Slaughter Doty books "Winter Pony" and "Summer Pony"......a beautiful dressage horse dancing across the arena.......leaves crunching under hooves on a fall ride.....the excitement of getting a new horse magazine or catalog in the mail....or better yet, a FedEx delivery of a horse product I ordered....browsing through tack shops.....talking "horse" with anyone who will listen!

14. Do you ever look on Craigslist or Dreamhorse or for horses or tack? For fun or real?
Yes, love these sites and "dreaming" on them! I've been dressage saddle shopping on all of them and look for horses for the ranch on Craigslist, or just to see what is out there.

Thank you everyone! I hope you will participate so we can learn a little more about you. Please let us know by leaving a comment if you are participating so we can link over to you and read your interview.

Happy weekend!!

Ranch Girl


Laura Lee said...

HI! We think ALOT alike, as I was reading though your answers, many were very similar to how I would answer these questions. Can't remember where I found your blog but I really enjoy reading it :) Have a great weekend!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Hi Laura, thanks for the sweet comment! :) have a fabulous weekend yourself!

Mare(+Missy) said...
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Mare(+Missy) said...

Love these questions, totally stealing to do later this week!

I wasn't always an english princess, and remember several people telling me to try breeches because I would love them. I rolled my eyes and said that would never happen.

Needless to say, I finally bought a pair and haven't ridden in jeans since!:)

Marissa said...

I'm definitely going to do this. Cool post! I love learning about fellow bloggers :)

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Mary haha- love it, "English Princess"! :) Ariat makes Jean breeches I saw that Lauren at She moved to Texas reviewed them and said they were super soft! I might have to try them as I live on a ranch they'll be a nice balance when I'm riding dressage on the trail with 12 other riders! And steal away-looking forward to your answers!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Can't wait to read it Marissa!

fernvalley01 said...

this was great, I will have to defer and do it another time but I will join in at some point

Mare(+Missy) said...

I guess I should amend my statement, because I do actually own jean breeches, but they aren't made of jean material there are made of breeches-type material so they are still comfy! I would definitely recommend them because you get the look of jeans and the comfort of breeches:)

I don't think anyone really realizes how *uncomfortabe* jeans are to ride in until you switch to breeches...or at least I didn't!

Alanna M. said...

Fun! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will definitely be doing this later this week.

50+ Horses said...

It's nice to see parallels in thoughts and where I struggle for an answer, to see ideas. I will definately be posting my answers to the questions and hope to see others do the same.

Thanks so much for sharing!


Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Looking forward to your answers!! ;)

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Thanks for stopping by here too, Alanna! ;)

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Sounds great FV!

baystatebrumby said...

Good answers!What a totally fun post! Great questions!