Thursday, February 20, 2014

White Stuff- Take a Hike!

When I lived in the city we would be lucky to get any snow at all...and as a school teacher I yearned for that "snow day"! When I relocated to be with Ranch Boy I was thrilled that there was snow on the ground most of the winter, because it was novel to me, and also reminded me of my childhood living in the country and having quite a bit of snow.

This year has been different. We had plenty of cold temps but really no snow until February! Usually we have a white Christmas, maybe even a white Thanksgiving. Because of this I decided to start taking lessons and thinking about riding at home since the weather was more manageable. Then, just when I get excited about riding.....the snow comes and makes everything more difficult. Yes, we are fairly equipped for foul weather around here with AWD and the roads are well-plowed, but there still has to be a safety factor taken into consideration.

{galloping snow ponies at feeding time!}

Add to that the addition of a 9 month old. When the weather gets above freezing I bundle him in his snowsuit and we go out for a stroller walk or "baby bob-sledding" on his sled. I believe children should get outside for some fresh air every day! Only when the temps are in the teens do I keep him inside. Then cabin fever sets in and I wrack my creative former preschool teacher brain trying to think of ways to entertain a baby all day!

{Vrromm vroom! He'll be driving this truck as soon as his feet can reach the pedals!}

Of course, Ranch Boy Jr. gets to drive the feed truck every day too, which he loves! He thinks he can honk the horn and he tries to play with the keys as he sits on my lap. He's been in the feed truck since he was a baby, then it was in his car seat and the bumpy rocking motion and warm summer air would put him to sleep.

I had Junior's white noise machine on the other night and it was playing the sound of crickets.....and suddenly I had a flashback of summertime! I am excited for this summer- watching Junior walk (and run!) around exploring the ranch, and also getting some saddle time (me more than him, obviously! That mama bear is rising up they make baby riding helmets?)

At least I have found a way to get some internet service at home so blogging has become a productive indoor winter activity that I can squeeze in when Junior is napping or having some solitary play time (sorry, mommy can't be a 24 hour entertainer!)

But until spring is here I will appreciate the beauty and stillness of the snowfall, and all the great irrigation this moisture will provide us when summer rolls around. And when I complain about hot, dusty, dry summer days, remind me of this post, okay?

Ranch Girl


50+ Horses said...

Love your pictures. Here I was all worried about the lack of snow pack! Snow is right outside town but grateful none at our place so I've been able to ride (in the barn's indoor) pretty often. But I'm tired of wearing the same old cold weather gear each time I ride (black Columbia Omni Heat vest (love it); black Columbia fleece jacket (ditto). Don't want to invest in anymore cold gear at this date. Can't wait to have warmer weather and ride in a bright t-shirt! :)

baystatebrumby said...

I really love the snow--it's only the ice and below freezing temps that can get me fretful. But even a winter lover like me is looking forward to the spring! June, June, where are you????? That picture of RB Jr driving the truck sure is cute. How perfect and huge he looks!!

Trailboss said...

Good to see you happy. Being a mommy is wonderful!