Monday, November 7, 2011

First Snow

Yep, hard to believe! But this morning when I fed the horses I saw little spits of snowflakes. Just a few. But it was enough to get me excited about snow this winter! We've already had temps in the 20's and frozen troughs. Time to get out those heaters!  Besides snowflakes this a.m. I also found LITTLE Mr. Howdy colt in with my horses!!! He and his mama's corral gate was half off and I have no idea how he got through or under it. Something happened but nobody was injured. My horses really cared less about him. Actually, once he's gelded and weaned come January-Feb. he will be moving in with them and learn some big boy manners.

I had to share the above photo, sorry it's not a great shot (from my cell phone.) Loretta always rests her head over My Boy's back. It's very cute! They get a long great, although he is "boss" she is also not afraid to make a move on his grain.

I had My Boy and Loretta's farrier appointments today. I got both all shoes pulled for the winter. You can't do shoes on outdoor horses around here with all the snow.

I got Lo out first for a longe. She was CRAZY! Rearing, hopping, and bucking on the longe line. In retrospect I should have just free longed her in the arena but it's a bit large and I didn't want to run. Not that I didn't get a workout anyway. She isn't the best at longing yet and pulls on me quite a bit. She also comes in too close on a small circle. It makes juggling the bulky leadline and my longe stick challenging! She worked herself up to a nice steam.

When I took her back to the hitch rail she got excited to see My Boy--- the kind of excited that tells me she's in heat. Well no wonder! I longed my old spotted pokey pants then took Lo over to the farrier. She was nearly perfect! She only pulled her leg a little on one hind. I think if she'd had to stand and hold them for shoes, she wouldn't have been so good. But I was proud of her! I've been working hard on cleaning her hooves before and after every ride and workout.

I have been a busy bee making a fun line of vintage jewelry for the holidays! You can check out my Etsy site or Facebook page for more information (see the right sidebar of this blog.) Just wait until I show you the cool display items Ranch Boy is helping me make for my two upcoming bazaars!! I'm heading down to the shop now to help him out.

Have a great week!!

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

musat have been the weekend for fariers! I had a bunch of mine done too. the jewelry looks lovley , you do such nice work. Funny ,you are getting snow already and we are in the makings of a record. First year since 1969 that we have had no snow before Nov 7! usually have had at least a skiff in Sept or Oct

Paint Girl said...

Can't wait to see Howdy move on in with the others!! They grow up so quick so enjoy him as much as you can while he's a young 'un!!

Crystal said...

love the pic of Loretta with her head on My boy, very cute.