Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The snow has continued to show it's frosty white face around here!

My ponies don't seem to mind the snow too much, as long as they've got yummy hay to eat and keep them warm! They've been napping every day together after breakfast.

I love to go out and visit with Loretta. She is so sweet, she follows me around and she gives me kisses with her velvety black nose. It smells like grain and hay. I know they say muzzles are the germiest part of a horse but I can't resist such sweetness.

 What about my kisses??

Yea, My Boy has never been the affectionate type.

 I love him to death anyway, but it is sure nice to have a horse be sweet to you back! She even likes to give My Boy kisses. He is sweet to her, but once in a blue moon I catch him being a cranky pants to her.

Do you have more cookies for us??


The apple tree in our yard has refused to drop it's apples this winter!!

I picked a bucket to feed the ponies when I grain them. And I made applesauce the other day. Never again. The apples are tiny (would fit in your fist) and it took me ages to peel and cut each one~ it took about 18 apples for me to get enough applesauce to make about 1 and a half cups of applesauce! But it did get rave reviews from my taste-testers, so that made it worth it.

 Well now it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pictures of a turkey, right? We have a large flock of wild turkeys around here!  While driving Ranch Boy to pick up the tractor from the field he'd done some discing on a couple weeks ago, we saw the flock roosting in a tree and luckily I had my camera ready to aim and point out the car window!!

I even caught one in flight. Look at those feathers~ amazing!! The turkey's we eat can't even fly, as far as I know.

Aren't they beautiful? On that note, I am wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday! I know I am very thankful for everyone and everything in my life!!

xoxo~ Ranch Girl~


Mikey said...

I love your snow, it's so beautiful! All your pictures are gorgeous, especially that flying turkey.

Mikey said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Crystal said...

Wow I always thought Wild turkeys were ugly, they sure look nice in your pics!!

I dont peel apples for applesauce, if you got a seive just cook the apples till soft and much them through there it takes no time at all and what comes out is pretty much perfect applesauce (with a little cinnamon added)

Paint Girl said...

What a great flying Turkey picture!! I didn't know you had wild Turkey's over there. Pretty cool.
Looks like the ponies are enjoying each other quite a bit. They act like they like each other!!

Laura said...

beautiful pictures. As much as cold and snow aren't fun, it does make for some nice photo ops!

I hope you have a nice thanksgiving!

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots! I love the first one , could be a christmas card! I am with Crystal , halve the apples and cook them down then seive them and viola! easy peasy applesauce!

baystatebrumby said...

OMIGAWD, each one of your pictures is better than the one before. I LOVE wild turkeys! We see them all the time here too and you have captured their prehistoric grace so beautifully. You are the best. I screamed with each picture you posted, and it was of sheer glee. I am told that my gentle horse is quite a crankypants in the pasture to other horses and I must always protest when the humans pick on her behavior! I always say: DO YOU SUSPEBCT SHE DID IT, or DID YOU AVTUALLY SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES? But I know, I know she can be a bossy crab while trying to be a keeper of the hay! What a chore that applesauce was! I do not like that kind of tedious work! But then again, WHO DOES?? Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, Ranch Girl! Many hugs to all your horses!

BUSH BABE said...

I HAD to come over from my reader to say WOW to your flying turkey! Amazing shot. Hugs to your ponies and you too.

Sares said...

That bird was getting out of Dodge! What do I have to do to get snow, move east of the mountains?! I've made applesauce once and it's so much better than the store stuff.

Trailboss said...

Gorgeous pictures. We had snow here in Ky yesterday. Thankfully it quickly left. It was really pretty though.

Oz Girl said...

A turkey in flight... now that's an amazing photo!! :)