Monday, July 2, 2012

It's July??

Seriously? The last time I posted was June?

Where does time go?

I just spent a really fun weekend with my family!

My ponies spent some time at the ranch. My Boy even got to lead a nice family trail ride. He was awesome! I will say this, he is in LOVE with Luna. He is experiencing more separation anxiety with her then he ever did with Loretta, and he's not even pastured with Luna, just next to her! I am wondering if being pastured with Loretta (after being alone for 4 years) then having a pasture buddy come, then go, and a new pasture neighbor (Luna), has just created him to be more sensitive to having a "friend" now.

 I even got to go on a pony ride!

Yes, 41 year olds like to go on pony rides, especially cute two year old roany pony rides!

Look at my girl's fun roan coloring, it keeps changing! She is getting quite light now but has all these red spots and "slashes" of color.

I had lots of young helpers this weekend. My cousin Miss C helped me pick out Luna's pen. She said I had to email her mom this photo so that her mom would see she was responsible and ready to get a horse of her own. Oh, the dreams of young horse crazy girls.....

Luna met lots of my family this weekend! Speaking of family, I am excited to say that my sister will be visiting me soon with her pretty Mustang pony and Brandy pony and we will be doing some riding. Yee Haw!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July, everyone!!

Ranch Girl


Reddunappy said...

She looks like she has filled out a little since you brought her home!!
I love corrupting little girls with horses!!! LOL LOL

JJ said...

Aww..Your boy looks great and Roanie Pony is a beautiful girl! You look great on top of her! :)

Paint Girl said...

I could use some help around here, maybe Miss C should come for a visit again!!
I am super excited to come to the ranch! We will be super busy with horses all weekend, my kind of vacation!!

cdncowgirl said...

I know what you mean, today I was like "wow its JULY?!" The whole year seems to be flying by.

fernvalley01 said...

Your filly looks gorgeous, and thanks for the eye candy pic of your boy! Have fun with yous sister , I am sure you two have missed your time together

achieve1dream said...

That's too funny I mentioned Luna's color in my last comment and then here you mention it too. :D It's so fun watching roans change colors.

Your Appy is gorgeous! I hope to someday have an App with loud coloring. I LOVE Apps, but my App growing up didn't have much color at all hehe. Your App is built really nice too. :D