Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sister Time

Well my sister just pulled out with her horses. She's been visiting since Thursday night. It went so fast!

We had HOT sunny weather~ 90 degrees! We hit the trails 3 times, even twice in one day (morning and night when it was cooler.)

 Jen on Brandy.

Through the ears of My Boy.

We also had some arena time with the young ponies.

Jen's Mustang "Chance."

This was Jen's 3 year old Mustang's first trip to the ranch, or first trip anywhere, for that matter! She actually did very well considering she has never left home in the 3 years since Jen got her as a weanling. There was a lot going on and she has a lot to learn, but the more she gets out, the more relaxed she'll become at seeing lots of kids, trailers, trucks, harrow bed trucks, bikes, horses, and commotion, commotion, commotion!

Jen leading Luna.

Now my little sweetie-cakes is a pro at being around the commotion at the ranch now. One of the things we did with Luna was work on her lounging. I was having problems in the large arena with Luna pulling on me and not staying in a circle and she even got away from me one time when she got spunky and galloping too fast and straight.

My sis helped me wrap a chain with some fancy wrap from the Arabian stable she used to work for, then we fashioned it under the chin and into a "V" (so that it tugs evenly) and attached my lounge line to that. One quick tug the next time she started pulling or being silly, and my roany pony was back in line! She lounged perfectly on the line this way. Whew! Now we can settled down and get to work!

I also got some more bareback time. I used the halter and lead as "reins" and just practiced her moving off my leg and turning a little. My sister stayed at her head and kept her on another lead rope just in case she got silly. Luna is only 2, so I will not be doing a lot of riding on her this summer. Just playing around and not letting her forget that she can wear a saddle and a person! Next summer we'll get more serious!

I also wanted to try loading her into my sister's trailer. Luna walked right in without hesitation. We will need to work on backing out. My sister has a slant load which is easy to turn around in, but at the ranch there is only a straight-load which she'll have to back out of.

I also sprayed my pony with water. She left me run the hose on her front hooves and shoulder without too much fuss! So, a lot of good pony time this weekend and hopefully one more good lounge lesson in the arena today after it cools down. I really want her to learn to whoa on voice command (as well as using body language) and trot at a cluck, and lope at a kiss.

I was sad to see my sister go but we will have more pony time together when she visits this fall! Hopefully she'll be able to do some trail riding on Chance by then!

I hope you all had a good weekend!!

Ranch Girl


Reddunappy said...

You girls are so cute!!!
Glad you had a fun time!!

Paint Girl said...

Oh my gosh I had so much fun, but then I always do when I go to the ranch. It was fun just us playing with our ponies and trail riding!!
I had a great time with the kiddos too. They are so adorable and I miss them for some reason! :)
I can't wait to come back and I talked to my OH about getting the round pen turned back into an arena so I can start ponying Chance. I want to pony her on some trails soon! She needs to get out and it will expose her to so much before I ride her on trails.
Chance was so happy to be home! Once I unloaded her she stood so calm and took a big breath and was so relaxed. I think she will be calmer at home now that she has experienced the ranch life!!
Thank you for everything! Miss you already!

fernvalley01 said...

So good to see you together again, must have been a great weekend! 3 years since she got Chance?? wow time flies

Stolpås Gård said...

You seemed to have much fun! Beautiful horses!
I really need to go away with my horse more often, he's most at home on the farm!

Have a nice day!
Sandra Engberg

Desert Rose said...

How fun for you 2!!! sounds like you had such a great time and got in some great horse time too :)))

baystatebrumby said...

Personally, I think the 2 of you should have a TV show. It could be on RFD-TV. I'd DVR every episode. OR, you could have a reality show. I'd tune in every time you guys were on. It would be totally educational and I bet really fun to watch. I think it's so great that your sister has no problems lugging her horses around in the trailer. I'd be too nervous. But she does not seem to mind. Looks like you had so much fun.

Crystal said...

Ohh How exciting she come over to visit. I wish my sister was into horses too, that looks like so much fun!

achieve1dream said...

I thought I had bookmarked your blog when you changed to this one, but I guess I forgot to. :( I'm having fun reading back and catching up on your pretty girl Luna! It's crazy how much her coat changes through the seasons. She is so gorgeous. :D

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Thanks for finding me and posting some comments, Achieve1dream! ;-) I am having fun going back and looking at old posts and seeing how much Luna has changed since last spring! She's really grown and filled out!