Thursday, July 19, 2012

To Ride or Not to Ride??

My horses just got their hooves done this week so now My Boy is ready to really rock the trails!

Too bad we've had thunder and lightening storms and 95 muggy temps, which don't make trail riding very appealing to me!

 The "double rainbow" I saw the other night during a thunder storm at the ranch! Ranch Boy's daughter took this photo on my I-phone.

I did get to saddle up my roany pony Luna the other day. I climbed aboard (at Ranch Boy's insistence.) He held the lead rope and I just sat there in the saddle as we watched a group of other horses return from their ride.

I am so ready to ride this horse! I need some advice. She is only two years old. When I got her, she'd had about a dozen rides on her. I am not ready to push her with heavy riding. Do you think that doing a little light riding at this point would be harmful? By light riding, I mean just walking and maybe some trotting. No loping yet. I would like to work on getting her to move off of leg, turn, whoa, back, all that slow basic stuff. Now, part of me worries if we just do that, then next summer when I want her to turn up the gears, she'll think "hey, I never had to go fast under saddle before" and get sticky.  I mean, when I watch Clinton Anderson and other trainers, they are loping on the first ride!

 I think the colors of My Boy's saddle pad look quite nice on Luna!

I am fine not "riding" her this summer. We will continue to put the saddle on, and sit on her bareback, just so that she doesn't "forget" that it is okay to have something up there. I would also like to teach her to pony from My Boy so I can pony her on the trails.

I just feel like when I am around Luna, she is almost begging to be ridden! For the most part, she is a two year old going on 4 year old (in mind, and in body, built more like a 3 year old.) Maybe because she is so "easy" of a youngster it just seems like it's time, as there isn't a lot else to work on. She loads, she fly sprays, she saddles, she round pens and lounges on a line (much better now.)

Regardless, I am sure having fun with her! I think we are kind of two peas in a pod...sweet, but we both have a little stubborn streak. Hee hee!

Happy weekend, everyone!

Ranch Girl


Paint Girl said...

That is a beautiful double rainbow, I have never seen one in real life, only in pictures. I guess I am used to a cloud cover and don't get to see much up in that sky!
I don't think there is anything wrong with getting on Luna and doing basic stuff with her. Lately I have just been walking Chance and getting her to move off my leg, with a little bit of trotting. No cantering in arena yet. But I need more leg control before I do that, for me anyways! I can get her to move off leg really well from a standstill (sidepassing, turn on haunches/forehand) but once we start moving she has a harder time getting it. So that is what we have been concentrating on. I know she can trot and canter so just doing some fine tuning right now.
Do what you think is best. I know she is only 2 but she is mentally ready for some light riding.
I personally would like to see you ride her more!!

Reddunappy said...

Yeah! Ride her some! It will get her mind in the right place!
She already knows how to canter! :O)
Dont worry about that, all that ground work and basics you can do now!I see no problem with starting to ride a two year old. She isnt a fine boned uber bred Quarter Horse!!!(Or Ap for that matter! LOL)She is a mustang with years of mother natures selective breeding!
She has bone and foot on her!!

I did have an issue with some people that had a little bulldog QH,@ 14.2) my daughters last year in Equestrian team, This little mare was only three. They ran her in drill team,her 3rd and 4th year, and gamed her. I really felt sorry for her,(but she wasnt my horse....) as most likely she will be lame early in her life, as she was ridden very hard.

Sares said...

I love rainbows! Afraid I can't help you with your pony! I just bet you want to hop on her and go for a ride.

What are you doing this weekend? I know your Mom is coming for a visit here soon.

Katie's Rose Cottage does not have a Etsy shop, they have their own website where you can buy things, I used paypal. BTW~Did you know your blogger profile in not enabled? So when you leave me a comment I can't follow it back through to your blog. I have to separately find Ranch Girl Diaries which isn't too bad for me since I have you in my bookmarks and on my blog sidebar but it has to be a BIG pain in the butt for other people to have to google you each time to find your blog and leave a comment. Just sayin, I don't know if you even realize it's set up that way.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Ride her!! And I wouldn't be worried about loping her either.

People have gotten a little carried away with blaming riding youngsters as the reason for ailments or lameness issues later in life. That stuff happens whether a horse is used or not and I hardly believe that you would overwork your youngster.

I am a firm believer in...if you are going to do something with a youngster...then do it. If they do it well (or passably well for their age)...leave it alone and move on. If Luna is good about pretty much everything...don't keep working her on those things. Either find something she does need work on or just leave her alone to grow up. Youngsters get bored quickly and too much repetition of the same old, same old is irritating to them and sours them.

Cowgirl Red said...

Pretty roan horse! Terah

Jan Blawat said...

I used to take advantage of a 2 year old's relative lack of strength and endurance to take them out on the trail and show them lots of new things while they were easier to handle. I wouldn't ride for distance, but for challenges. Teach them how to carry weight up and down hills with tricky footing. Teach them it's okay to be by yourself, to go through water, and see and do new things. It's harder with a big, stout 3 year old. I'd only do enough ring work so we'd get our basic communication down. On a two year old, if the challenge was too much I'd get off and lead it through. It's a good time to build trust and teamwork. My stepfather was a cowboy. He would just saddle his two year olds sometimes and leave them tied for 3 or 4 hours at a time, he said it toughened the skin on their backs.

baystatebrumby said...

Your pictures are fabulous. I love that roany pony! Boy is she something! A tall drink of water as they say! I think when the time is right to ride, you will ride and it will be perfect. Little rides sound like a fine idea. I always forget that sometimes just little 15 and 20 minute lessons will do a lot for a horse. Everytime does not need to be a marathon. She sure looks great in a saddle though, that's for sure!

Tracey said...

Look how way behind I am here on this post, but I am SO glad to see folks saying to ride. Really...the thing that breaks those babies down is hard stops and pounding, not something your average rider does on a young horse. Glad you've been on and gotten going :)

achieve1dream said...

Here's an article on bone maturation and riding young horses. I really enjoyed reading. I hope you find it helpful. :)