Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Hunting Season!

Some people are hunting.....I'm job hunting. And starting to think about Christmas shopping. Guess what everyone I know is getting this year??

Notice who is in the background??

Speaking of which, I finally got my Etsy shop up and running! Check it out at:

Rockin Heart Jewelry and Vintage Finds

I listed a leather cuff just to practice how to do it and lo and behold, I got an email that it sold! I was so excited.

I will have more merchandise listed mid-October. I am hanging on to my items for now as I am hoping to be a vendor at a local harvest festival the first of October.

Back to the friend and I went trail riding yesterday. It is so great to have two horses and be able to take friends riding! We were quite the fashionistas in our lovely orange vests (because it is hunting season and safety is important!) My friend rode My Boy. She hadn't ridden in a while and did great with him. She even loped him in the arena when we got back! I was proud of my boy for taking such good care of my friend. Not many people have ridden my horse, other than Paint Girl, in the past 4 years!

I rode Loretta. I have to tell you, I am very happy with how she is as a trail horse. This was our second trail ride this week. The last one we went out with 3 other horses and rode off trail to visit friends. It was about a 2.5 hour round trip and she did so good, I think better than all three of the other horses! She led a lot of the way but was okay when not leading. We only found one thing to work on- puddles. It had rained the day before and the reflective shiny puddles were making her spooky. Oh boy, next spring is going to be fun!

Lo and My Boy bonding before and after the trail ride.

As good as she is on the trail, I want to continue her foundation in the arena, as that is where all things start. We loped a little yesterday after the ride but just down the rail (which wasn't really "down the rail" as she went crooked towards the middle of the arena and towards the horses walking on the other side.) More work in the arena loping alone and just letting her lope out forward and not worrying right now about staying straight will be good.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Ranch Girl 


fernvalley01 said...

Congrats on your sales and the new online store! Looks like you have a nice pair of horses there ! Glad Lorretta is working out well for you

juliette said...

Congratulations on your etsy shop - adorable header! You know how I love all those little graphic details. Your shop will be a brilliant success. You won't have to job hunt at all if you put your focus on that little shop! You wouldn't be the first etsian to quit their day job.

Love the photos of your trail ride. So happy for you and your boy and Lo. How much fun is that to be back out on the trail with your horses and friend!

Crystal said...

That sound like a lot of fun trail riding with friends. Loretta seems like a good buy and you are getting along good.
Congrats on the etsy shop and a sale already!

baystatebrumby said...

maybe you will not need to hunt for a job! you will sell so many jewelry pieces that you can make a nice, fat healthy living doing that! Ah, it is not easy to be an artist! As I was reading your blog, i am so struck by how different it is from your last blog. You really seem like you are in such a different place now! I like it! It looks like you are having an AWSUM life. Keep it up, Ranch Girl!!!!

Tracey said...

Oh, for Christmas...not to mention pony food stuffs!

Who named that pony Loretta?

And why is it raining?

Sares said...

Love that first picture, very artistic. I am loving all shades of orange and green at the moment.Glad to read you are loving your new girl and she's being a good riding partner!