Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rockin Heart

So, how did the name "Rockin Heart Jewelry" come to be?

Well, I debated over numerous names for weeks. The one I loved was "Flying Heart" but that was already taken on Etsy.

Here are a few of the heart shape rocks we've collected on the ranch or at the river. Always such a treasure to find one!

I had been finding heart shaped rocks in My Boy's pasture and corral. In fact, I had found at least one or two over the several years that he lived at Paint Girl's. Ideas hit me~ Heart Rocks.............Rockin Heart! It was perfect as I love the hearts and especially a heart with wings symbol (better suited to Flying Heart, but close enough......) plus I love the rock and roll vintage cowgirl gypsy junk thing........

It was cute, I had a little flea market at the ranch last weekend.  Two 5th grade sisters that were here helped me set up my goods one morning. One of them found me a heart rock, and this fun shaped rock and did a little display for me!

I also found this great necklace at a market and had to buy it and is was symbolic of this journey for me. This jewelry hobby is a "dream" for me! I was so excited to see the heart with wings.

Can anyone tell what the base of the pendant is made from??? Hint: it is a "repurposed" item!

I have a few bazaars and horse shows I hope to set up a jewelry table at in the coming months. That is a huge step for me. I am a bit shy about setting up and having people look at my goods. It just feels a bit nerve wracking ~ will they like it? What if I don't sell anything? Have any of you taken on an adventure like this, do you have any helpful advice?

I just have to try!! If you're going to dream, dream big, right?

Oh, and I can't leave this post without sharing a picture of my new pretty girl after our ride last night. More to come soon!!

Ranch Girl


dusty devoe said...

I love your name. You are very talented and will do great! Loretta is very beautiful.

fernvalley01 said...

I opened a consignment craft store in 1999 , no idea what I was doing ,and not particularly crafty , but in two years "Allsorts Consignment crafts and curiosties " was a booming little business, so much so that I had 2 partners wanting to buy in. I let them , then eventually sold my share of the business, and returned to working in my field of choice ,mentalheath. I loved it ,it was a great adventure. Remember "you only fail when you fail to try"
My newest venture is a book of poetry I wrote.It too was a pet project I was initially shy to share,and another wonderful adventure begins

Crystal said...

How cool, some of yur jewellry is really nice!
And everytime I see Loretta, i hope my baby grows up just like her :)

cdncowgirl said...

Good luck with your new venture! So exciting, all the changes that have come your way.
Do you live on the ranch or just close by? Did you & your Boy move far from your sister & Painted Creek?

Hmmm, the base of the necklace... is it a flattened spoon?
btw I forgot to tell you congrats on buying your new pony :)

LatigoLiz said...

Ooh, flattened silver spoon, <3 it!

I am on the lookout for silver spoons now, too. But more for the other end, not the eating end.

Paint Girl said...

Your creations will sell just fine!! You are very creative and talented!
Loretta is such a pretty girl! I am so happy that you made the decision to get her!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Good luck with your new venture!

C-ingspots said...

Aah, sorry it's taken me so long to get over and comment about the horse issue. Don't just take someone's advice about your horses. You decide what to do, and when...because in my opinion, you just never know what to expect. MB must have gotten upset because Loretta was upset. I've seen that happen lots, with people and horses! Ours are slowly working things out, but I'm living on pins and needles. Harley (blind horse) is suffering as expected. I thought they were going to be friends at first, but now Eagle is showing aggression because Harley doesn't see his more subtle signs of move, etc. The horses don't seem to be very good at figuring out that Harley is disabled. Sooo disheartening!! I'm at a loss and might have to keep them seperated. We'll see. In your case, they will work things out. They only have each other, but just take things slowly to avoid injuries. Remember...Ray Hunt's saying, "the slower you go, the quicker you'll get there". I've seen it work way too many times not to believe it.

Sares said...

I think it's really neat how you came to your name. Your little set up at the ranch looks great too! I bet you missed doing the set up in the shop and enjoyed that part of it. I wish you much luck and know you will be a smashing success!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great story behind your new jewelry line and company. Yes, you should dream big and dream of success. I have a feeling it will all come true for you :)

Oh, and my guess is that your new necklace is made of an old vintage spoon, hammered down flat. How inspirational that the message is one near and dear to your.....heart.
Must be a sign :)


Oz Girl said...

I love your dream necklace... and we have a collection of heart rocks that hubby has found on our property in Kansas too. :-)