Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's September?

Where did summer go? Hard to believe kiddos are back in school!

Luckily we are still getting beautiful summer sunshine. But I'm a little itty-bitty bit excited for some fall crispness. I can smell it in the air!

I had a busy Labor Day weekend of riding. My Boy led and followed on two large trail rides (over 15 horses.) He was a really good boy! I have never had my horse going so well in the arena or on the trail. He much prefers the trail over the arena (both follow his pasture, of course!)

Little Howdy is nearing two months old and getting big! His baby coat is starting to shed and underneath is some bright red hair. We still think he is going to be a bay. He is wearing his big boy halter now and learning to lead.

He is doing very well. I am picking up his hooves and holding them. He almost always comes to the fence for scratches and pets. There are still things to work on before winter but so far Howdy shows a good mind on him. And oh boy, is he FAST! And I personally think he has a nice little flat-kneed lope. But maybe all foals do?

My Boy loves Howdy and his mama Ruby. In fact, I'm pretty sure he thinks he's Howdy daddy! When he visits the ranch he gets to live next door to them and he thinks that is pretty cool. He's a good babysitter.

I had the chance to go to the rodeo. I love watching a good rodeo! The highlight was watching Lindsay Sears do a barrel run on her mare Martha. I watched a few runs before her that but oh boy, when Lindsay came out and Martha turned those seemed to be lightyears of skill and talent from the others!

I also watched a western shooting horse event. Have you ever watched mounted shooting? It looks like a lot of fun! I think the riders with the fastest times make it look a bit easy. Firing a gun at balloons while running top speed and steering your horse through a pattern of poles has to require a bit of practice and skill!

Ranch Boy is busy working on irrigating the fields. When the water started bubbling up, it was like music to his ears. Lizzie couldn't resist playing in the water on a hot muggy day!

Someone is getting a bath tonight!

Well I'm off...... hoping to stay busy making cowgirl jewelry and getting ready to set up a small flea market this weekend.

Ranch Girl


baystatebrumby said...

Is that little baby horse yours??? I hope I haven't missed anything dramatic!! He sure is cute! How awesome is it that you had such a great ride with your Boy?? A trail ride with 15 other horses? That sounds great! Was it a ride that involved camping ? I bet horse camping would be really fun.

fernvalley01 said...

The colt looks lovely as dos "My Boy!" Amazing how fast summer seems to have flown by!

Anonymous said...

Whew! No one can accuse you of having a boring life!
I dont know about the particulars of the weather in your parts, but I think that you will probably experience a lot of sunny fall days and cool nights, just as we do down here in the valley. We usually have sunny blue skies and warm weather until the end of October. Your mountain home may not experience the Indian summer that we do, but i think you will find out why we enjoy our September and October weather so much.
I am so excited for you and your ranch life!

Laura said...

Sounds like you are nice and busy! Glad that your Boy is getting some good work in!

Love the picture of the muddy dog - she looks very pleased with her self! :-)

C-ingspots said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I see that your life has changed quite dramatically it seems...and IMHO, for the best?? I'm sooo happy for you!! MB is looking good and I'll bet he's happier too!! Thanks for your comments on my blog; and in answer to your question re: Eagle - he's "packed" a few people, but he knows nothing about being ridden. I have a full-blown project horse. Much like starting a baby who just happens to be 11 years old! Say a prayer for me will ya? :) I will say he's extremely intelligent though, so I'll have to sharpen my intellectual prowess when attempting to teach him. haha! Maybe he'll be teaching me - probably!! I'm anxious to ride him, but want to proceed slowly and take the time to get to know him first...for both our sakes! Take care RG - I'm looking forward to fall too!!

Reddunappy said...

the little guy is so cute!
I envy you the ranch life! :o)