Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Ending

I am happy to report that My Boy and Loretta are now buddies! My patience with letting them get to know each other slowly over the fence paid off.

After a few days of giving them "playdates" together for a few hours a day in the corral, I finally saw them mutually grooming each other. It was the sign I was looking for and I fed them together that night.

There were no problems, they even ate their own grain out of their own tubs and shared a pile of hay.

This is such a relief. I like that My Boy has interaction with another horse, he has been alone for so many years and I often felt bad for him, like he was a bit bored throughout the day. I compare it to  having an older dog and then getting a younger puppy in the family- I think it keeps the older one more active and makes life more interesting for them.

I will say that My Boy is the more dominant one in the relationship, but I haven't noticed him being  aggressive.

My Boy waiting to get saddled for a ride. I love how our dog likes to lay in the shade the horses make! By the way, My Boy looks downhill here because some of the horses have pawed at the hitching post making it slope downward.

Loretta has been so great on our trail rides. She walks out so well. My Boy actually is a bit pokey and doesn't do a great job keeping up with her (although he's always faster on the way home........) I am loving both of my horses so much right now and have not regretted one second bringing Loretta into the family!

Loretta was a little spooky walking by this flatbed truck. Until she discovered it was covered with hay scraps, which she was more than willing to clean up for us!

The days are getting shorter. I can't believe it's dark by 7:30, and it's been harder to get up in the morning. The ponies are getting their thicker winter coats. The leaves are starting to change and some are already falling.......and I can't wait to bundle up and get some good autumn rides in October!

Oh, and I'm so excited for pumpkin spice lattes!

Enjoy your last weekend of September, everyone!

Ranch Girl


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Loretta is gorgeous!

I like the pumpkin spice lattes, too. I also like the Sonic Pumpkin Pie Shakes. Mmmm!


Mare said...

Loretta is such a cutie! I'm glad they're getting along!

Laura said...

I was hoping those two would work things out! Glad that they can now be together and keep each other company. :-)

Crystal said...

So glad they are getting along! One will always be theboss and it sounds like Your Boy has that job.

I love those pumpkin spice lattes too, totally forgot about them till you mentioned it

fernvalley01 said...

Glad they are settling in well together!

BUSH BABE said...

YAY - knew they would settle. Well, I didn't KNOW. But I hoped!

Many happy trails ahead.

Paint Girl said...

I am so happy to hear and see that all is going well with them!! I knew it would be okay. It just takes time! I've been there!
I bet it is really pretty over there this time of year. The cool thing about our drive to Oklahoma is that we see some beautiful scenery this time of year!

baystatebrumby said...

Hee hee, I know a horse too that likes to suddenly get speedy and inspired on the way back home! Naughty! I love all that yummy looking hay that your Boy and Loretta are nibbling. looks good, doesn't it? And I am not even a horse! (But I am part rabbit) Can you believe how the days are getting shorter? aaaaargh, I don't like it one bit!