Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week at the ranch! I have been getting in a lot of play time with my new filly.

I am realizing that not having a round pen is not ideal when you have a young horse. I have access to a huge arena, but this has posed some challenges we will have to work through.

I have used a smaller corral on the ranch but am not fond of the footing (and it is square shaped) to really use as I would a round pen.

Anyhoo, we'll sort it out.

She looks so little under saddle!

Luna even got to wear her saddle yesterday! She kept turning to look at it and of course my cinch, even my smaller that I'd gotten for Loretta, was way toooo big on her!

Luna let's me fly spray her with no problem. She is a bit picky about lifting her hind feet, so that is something we will work on.

The only other thing I had to figure out was feeding time. I have to go through Luna's pasture to get to My Boy's pasture. I use a wheelbarrow to haul the hay. Even when I drop Luna's hay for her first, she follows me and the wheelbarrow all the way to his, insisting that it is HER hay or that I have SOMETHING yummier in the bottom that must belong to her! Now this is a horse that doesn't easily leave your space (something I am not use to.) It is a bit of a pain to manage My Boy's gate and the rickety old wheelbarrow and a pushy little roany pony. I can't throw My Boy's hay over the fence because it's been ghastly windy every day and it just blows back into me and the fence. I think to help manage this (trying to chase her away did not really work) I will just split her dinner grain into a morning and evening portion, as I do not have this problem at the evening feeding as she is busy eating her grain out of her feed tub.

 Yes, food is my life right now. I'm a growin' girl!

Some of you have asked about My Boy. He is as fat and happy as ever and I will do a post about him soon. After getting out for a few rides he's been a bit neglected since Luna arrived. I hope to get him out next week and give him some special time, too! I saw a great Clinton Anderson episode where he was working with a young, hard to catch, disrespectful colt that reminded me of My Boy with some of his catching and pasture behaviors. I loved the round pen work that Clinton did with this colt!

One last thing before the weekend, I have created a Mustang lover's necklace! My sister is my first customer and is ordering two of them. Here is a photo:

Please contact me if you would like to order one!

Have a rockin' weekend, everyone!

Ranch Girl


Reddunappy said...

She kinda has spots on her butt!! LOL I hadnt seen that before.

cdncowgirl said...

Have you thought of using a hay net for their hay?

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Reddunappy~ I know! It is almost like a snowflake Appy pattern, but I think it's just roany baby fuzz that hasn't quite shed out yet! I am so curious to see what she will be....obvious bay with roaning....the dark legs and white socks and white/black striped hooves throw me a curveball. She has no mottling or any other "appy" characteristics. I think she will be a bay roan but it is very different than Loretta, who was very, very gray/black with her roaning, not so white.

Paint Girl said...

She does look small under saddle but I don't remember her being that small! Is that your saddle with the stirrups adjusted to fit you? I swear she was bigger then that!! She just looks so sweet!
I can't wait to get my necklaces!! They are so fun!

Crystal said...

She looks so cute, and small is better in my books anyways. And she has lots of time to grow yet. She sure does look good :)

fernvalley01 said...

Love the necklaces ! Luna looks like a cutie! and a sweet one too

Desert Rose said...

I have learned...the smaller they are they faster they seem to move ;))) She will get bigger I'm sure and then everything will look great on her! can't wait to meet her :)))

achieve1dream said...

She is so cute! Wow, she has grown and filled out a LOT since you got her. She looks like such a little baby in these pictures!