Thursday, May 24, 2012

Luna's First Boo-Boo

What is it with my luck with new horses?  You might remember this post about Loretta going through one of the ranch gates, that was on my first official day of owning her!

Today when I got home from work, I decided to bring Luna to the ranch for a workout. Between foul weather and late hours for me, I haven't had her out since Sunday. Even today was spotty with sun breaks then dark clouds rolling in and dropping showers for fifteen minutes off and on.

Of course, the minute I took Luna out (in the sun) and started walking her down to the ranch, the dark clouds rolled in.  On the way we passed a CAT working on smoothing the dirt road, and a huge dump truck and trailer that hauled in the CAT. Other than just "looking" at them with perked ears, she handled all that very well!

I decided to put Luna in the arena while I got out her grooming and longing equipment. She didn't run around like I wanted her to, she kind of stood by the gate. I was moving some wooden poles from the center to the side of the arena and she began to run and buck. Howdy the colt was running in his corral across the dirt driveway from the arena. I went to the barn  to get the line and groom tote. The weather was changing and she was whinnying a bit anxiously at My Boy, who she could see and hear far, far away across another horse field.

It had gotten a little breezy and was starting to pelt some rain. Luna was running a bit more and as I was coming back from the barn I looked down to the far corner just in time to catch her up on the wooden fence. The fence is a bit low along this side of the arena and in this corner. In fact, I've seen larger horses standing next to it and have been a bit worried they could almost hop right over! I am not sure what she did, but she almost looked like she had tried to jump it, or perhaps was running to the corner too fast and could not quite stop. Whatever she did, she extracted herself without much fuss. She appears to be fine, other than a superficial skin scrape long the lower chest/upper leg.

I found it ironic that she would try to jump a fence when I led her over ground rails on Sunday and she banged and stepped on every one of them.....a hunter-jumper I don't think she'll be! Quite honestly, if she'd approached that fence straight-on and been determined enough, she might have been able to get over it. I don't want to think about that, though!

I caught her and she was still pretty hyped up and a little warm (despite the rain it was a bit muggy.) I walked her around to cool her out and make sure she was okay, then took her over to the hitch rail to to put medicine on the scrape, then took her to a grassy area to graze for a bit. I decided to skip the longing workout as she'd ran around a lot and I wanted to make sure she didn't have any sore bumps and bruises.


After we walked back home I put her in the pasture to take some photos of her, the ones that are accompanying this post. She was being awfully sweet following me around, being the love bug that she is.

I feel like I am finally starting to get to know her (tomorrow is only two weeks that I've owned her!)

However, Lordy it's scary to think of all the troubles babies (both human and animal) can get themselves into as they grow up. Hopefully I'll be lucky with this girl and we'll stay out of any major trouble. I am hoping that this 3-day weekend we'll have some decent weather so that I can get some more work done with my little "wild" pony!!

Thinking of you, your lost loved ones, and our brave veterans this Memorial Day weekend!

Ranch Girl


Reddunappy said...

Silly babies!! The first time I let Emma out with the other horses when she was 2, she promptly ran through two electric fences!!! Thankfully smooth wire and no cuts all. little brat!! She respects them now! (that is unless the power is out!!) LOL

Paint Girl said...

Oh the things babies get themselves into. The first day Chance came home she was running around and ran right into the fence head first. It freaked me out so bad because she was only 6 months old! Then of course she did jump an almost 6 foot fence a year ago and fell down on her side! I tell you if they continue to do crazy baby things I will never get my stress level down!! LOL!
Glad she is ok. Love your pictures. She has such a pretty face and lovely expression!

fernvalley01 said...

They do seem to know how to hurt themselves glad it wasn't too serious

Girl With a Dream said...

Babies do seem to do crazy things all the time and while it seems sad that they do it i suppose its part of the learning curve for them glad that she is not badly hurt though xx

Laura said...

Glad she wasn't hurt too badly! Horses are such silly creatures - they get themselves worked up and I think they forgot why they did it in the first place!

Hopefully you can get some more work sessions in with her soon.

Desert Rose said...

Yikes...i am sure that scared you!!! yes...babies can really get them selves into trouble fast...hope the weather holds for you this weekend :)))

cowgirljlynn said...

Love the pictures of Luna!