Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Mama Has A New Baby!

Yep, I became a "mama" again this weekend!

My new little roany pony arrived on Friday afternoon.

Lovely photo of Luna and I courtesy of Mustang Diaries.

I got this Mustang from Tracey over at The Mustang Diaries. Most of you know my story about Loretta. I did not intend to get another horse to replace her but the day she left, Bad Reputation kind of fell into my lap. So since she found me and I could not resist her.....well, the rest is obvious.

I love the name "Bad Reputation" but have nicknamed her Luna. It is sticking for now. You can read more about Luna by clicking here. Or, you can stay tuned and I will try to do a few posts with some of her history. Briefly, Luna was rounded up with her dam as 1-3 month old, and spent a year in the BLM corrals in Oregon waiting to be adopted. Tracey fell for her about a year ago when she was adopting another filly. She's had Luna for a year and really enjoyed the filly's easygoing "whatever" attitude. She has had about half a dozen rides under saddle, but just about two years old so I probably won't worry too much about heavy riding until next summer.

I am keeping her in the front pasture, separate from My Boy. They had a meeting over the gate that included some squealing and kicking out but seem to be "over the fence friends now." I think he's a bit confused as to how this horse LOOKS like Loretta, but doesn't seem to be Loretta!

On Saturday I brought her out and groomed her. I bug-sprayed her as they are biting something awful right now. Then I hand-grazed her in the yard.

Sunday I walked her down to the ranch (around a 3 minute walk.) I tied her up there and groomed her, I'd put some leave-in spray in her tail and I got that and her mane combed out nice. She is going to have a tail to die for! And hopefully a nice long mane, too. I have always wanted a horse with a long mane. We picked all 4 hooves.


No mom I will NOT put my ears forward!!

Then we went into the arena to try a little longing on the 14 ft. line. Now when I went to see Luna she'd been boarded at a stable and had been working in a nice walled and covered round pen.

 Working in the round pen the day Ranch Boy, Paint Girl, her OH, and I went to meet Luna for the first time.

Although she moved out on the line well, not having boundaries was hard.  Our arena is huge! I tried to stay in a corner so she at least had the fence on two sides. But she got going too fast and at one point slid down on her side.

We got going again and then she felt frisky and tried to jump and go straight after making a corner. I got to wrangle my Mustang! I am proud of the fact that I have never let go of a horse when they have run off on the line. My Boy and Loretta have both done the rodeo with me hanging on for life to the end of the longe line before I regained control.

After she settled down we did some walking, stopping, and backing up. She could care less about the carrot stick being rubbed and swung all over and under her body. I let her loose after and she rolled then stood by the gate.

There is another corral near the barn that is smaller and although not round, I think it will work better to work on line-longing in a smaller space until she gets the hang of it.

We walked back home for some more hand-grazing. I turned her out then I hauled the hose out to water My Boy and she wouldn't leave me alone. She followed me all over the pasture.

I'm just trying to help, mom!!

I am so excited to continue getting to know this girl! I will keep you posted on our journey!

Thank you Tracey, for bringing Luna into my life, to my sister Paint Girl for answer all my questions, and to Ranch Boy for his continued support of my horsey habit!

I hope all of the mothers out there had a wonderful Mom's day!
Ranch Girl


Anonymous said...

She looks very sweet and also contented - can't wait to follow her story!

Beate said...

Luna is such a beauty! What a great picture of the two of you.
I hope for you that everything works out perfectly this time - you really deserve it after all the stress you had when trying so much to help Loretta before.

Laura said...

She is pretty! Great pictures of you two... :-) I hope that you have many wonderful years with her!

fernvalley01 said...

Congratulations! She is lovely! Gonna have to start calling you and Paint girl the "Mustang sisters!" Looking forward to reading about your journey with her, but drop us a line or two about Riley now and then would ya? I do adore your spotted pill!

Story said...

I love her! Congratulations!

Desert Rose said...

I am so excited for you and Luna...can't wait to meet her this summer :)))

juliette said...

Congratulations!!! She looks like a sweet girl!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

She sounds really nice. Congratulations on your new project horse.

Paint Girl said...

She is such a sweetheart and I am so excited for this new "mustang" journey you have started!! Now I get to follow along with you raising your own 'stang!!

Crystal said...

She sounds just perfect! So curious and friendly, you are gonna have lots of fun with her I think :)

achieve1dream said...

Congrats on your new addition!! I know this is late, but wanted to say it anyway hehe. She's so cute and you guys are all making me want a Mustang lol.