Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Little Help From My Mom

My surprise visitor was...... my momma! You might remember her blog Copper Pony's Cowgirl......she quit blogging a few years ago.

She had a pretty little copper gelding named Dusty that she had to re-home.

I love this photo. Dusty was such a handsome boy!  And my mom looks so pretty here, too!

 I can only imagine that having to re-home your first horse must be so hard, even when you know it's the right thing to do for the horse. Dusty had a dropped hip and some soreness issues that caused him to have behavioral issues on the trail from time to time. He really needed to be retired as a pasture pony and couldn't do the trail riding that my mom likes to do. He is happy living as a pasture pony on a farm now. We was such a character and we all still think about him and miss him a lot. My mom also went through some other big changes in her life the past 3 years, but that is her story to tell.

However, mom has a new horse that she has started working with. Guess what? He has spots! And he's a BIG boy at 16 hands. His name is Forest. He's had professional training but needs a refresher. My mom says he has a lot of personality and she is enjoying getting to know him. I can't wait to meet him this summer when she brings him to the ranch!

My mom only stayed with me one night but she was a tremendous help! She really knows how to buckle down and get stuff done when you need her to. Ranch Boy remodeled my out-dated bathroom into a bathroom/walk-in closet. Basically, he took out the big tub (which I didn't use anyway as we have another one- it was just storage and filled with STUFF. Like suitcases, a show saddle pad, clothes, a chandelier, and My Boy's winter horse blanket....) Once emptied of the tub, that space became the closet. I got new flooring (goodbye carpeted bathroom) new paint on the walls, a new sink, new's almost done and it's SO nice! While this has been happening my clothes and toiletries have been spread out across multiple rooms in the house. A bit of a challenge for a prego gal!

The other grand thing about this is that the baby's closet is now full of HIS things- not my clothes! Yes, I am a bit of a clothes hoarder. But hey, I lived in the city and had a job for eleven years where I had to dress up a little. Even though my ranch attire is mostly jeans, boots, and tees, it's still hard to let go of some of those other items. I have been nesting and cleaning and purging out a lot since baby has been on the way, however. If you really saw how many bags have left our house to be donated, you'd be proud of me.

I will get some photos of the projects in the next week and try to get them posted.

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter Sunday!!

Ranch Girl


Paint Girl said...

I love that picture of mom and Dusty too! I know she had a hard time re-homing him. But her new big spotted boy is very pretty! That's great that she has been able to come out and help you get organized. And I can't wait to see your new bathroom/closet!

Crystal said...

Oh how exciting your mom has come out! And her new horse is pretty and huge! I so want to remodel our bathroom but its so tiny it will probly stay the same design with new tub and sink/vanity and that would be Ok too (oh and new walls)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like you have been a very busy Mama-in-waiting. How exciting to get all of that done before baby arrives. Afterwards, you will be too busy!

I love that first photo of your Mom. She was so beautiful in that photo, as was the Copper Pony. That's too bad that he had to be rehomed. But her new horse is quite handsome, too.

I do think it's funny how short women tend to buy very tall horses, though. And here I am at 6' tall riding a 14'2hh horse. lol!

How does your Mom get upon him?!


Laura said...

Sounds like a nice visit with your Mom - even if it was short. Moms just have a way of helping out and getting stuff done!

I love cleaning and purging closets and clothes - there is something rewarding about it!

The new bathroom sounds great - we just re-did our two bathrooms upstairs and it made a big difference... :-)

achieve1dream said...

Cool! Congrats to your mom on her new, gorgeous horse! And go you on the purging/cleaning/donating. I've been having to do that too with the move. It feels good, but it's hard work too lol.