Thursday, March 7, 2013

Productive Day

My Ranch Boy was most helpful today! He loaded and unloaded 29 bales of hay for me (about a ton and a half.) We were able to find it from someone who had a little leftover. This time of year people either have made it through winter and have extra to get them to the first spring cutting, or are running out and trying to find it! I was able to get this orchard grass for $170 a ton. That beat getting timothy in town for $17 a BALE! Now I should have enough to get me beyond the birth of Ranch Boy Jr. so that is a relief.

The other morning it was kind of nice outside. I'd looked out the window and noticed Luna taking a break from her morning hay. I decided to go halter her, check her out, and groom her. I admit I haven't done this in months. Between being pregnant and dealing with poor footing conditions (snow and ice) everything has finally melted off and was starting to dry, before a little wet snow Wednesday morning.

Awful I-Phone self-portrait of me!

Luna was so good for me, I was very proud of my yearling. She even let me spray detangler in her mane and use scissors to snip off some of her long wild pony fetlock feathers. I led her around the pasture (just putting the leadrope over the nose of the halter for some extra "umph" should she get silly) and we practiced backing, turning on the forehand, and yielding the hindquarters. I will do this again a few more times before the farrier comes out next week because I know she'll be a bit of a challenge for him. I can't wait to get her going again this summer after Ranch Boy Jr. is born!

Here is my silly pony a few hours later after I tossed her ball in for her- and, after she'd ROLLED her newly groomed self around in a bunch of mud and horse poo! Stinker! (Notice cleaned and trimmed fetlocks. Not as good as with clippers, but as good as this preggo gal could squat down and do!)

We have a lot of deer around the place and noticed these three hanging out near the meadow and I snapped their photo before they ran up the hill. I think they were enjoying a nibble on the green grass that is beginning to sprout. It is so great to see finally see some green!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

sounds like a nice day with Luna , and ya for the good hay deal

Paint Girl said...

Our local feed store was out of local (which had been selling for 12.00 a bale, I miss the days of 5.00 a bale hay!) so we had to buy Eastern grass for 22.00 a bale. I got on craigslist and found a farmer selling local for 9.50/bale and we picked up 30 bales a week ago. It is going to be slim pickens for hay until our 1st cutting, which is late June around these part, as you well know, depending on the weather.
That is great that Luna was so good. I think she is really good minded and you really will only see "baby" stuff here and there from her.
Can't wait for Ranch Boy JR to come!!

baystatebrumby said...



That is a lot for hay! So nifty to get it cheaper by the ton.Luna looks darling, even with the horse poo smears all over her. Boy is she fuzzy! Looks so adorable. I never know what to do with feathers on Lilly;s feet--to trim or not to trim? Usually I snip them off. I like to think that helps avoid Scratches. Just think, soon you will have a little baby to carry around in a papoose!