Monday, March 25, 2013

Shaggamuffins and Spring Green

A few days ago we had almost 5 inches of snow. It was crazy!! I had put away the trough heater and had to dig it back out and hook it up again because I could hardly break the ice with a metal stake the other morning.

Today, however, it was very spring like! Even though I am 4 weeks from my due date, I couldn't resist haltering up Luna (in the pasture) and grooming some of that winter hair off of her! She loves to be brushed and just stands there on the lead line, sometimes poking around in the groom tote. She is like My Boy that way- she's very patient and a "stander." I am so spoiled, I do not have horses that fuss around much while being groomed or tied.  (Luna does fuss a bit for the farrier as I mentioned in my last post, but that is another issue.)

Afterward grooming, I decided to let the ponies out to nibble on the beginnings of spring green in My Boy's old pasture.

{Even though there was hardly anything to nibble, I think my horses made some other ponies very jealous!}

That pasture needs to be harrowed, then I hope to grow it up and use it as a grazing pasture for them for a couple hours a day.

I think horses look awful this time of year! The transition to spring is almost worse than their winter coats. I looked back at photos of my horses last summer and thought wow, they are so pretty! They clean up nice- whew, you kinda forget that after looking at the fuzzballs all winter!

Luna is going through her roan chameleon stage....she changes every day. She'll finally really lighten up by the beginning of summer. Next time I groom her I need to take a tape measure out and see how tall she is! Now that the weather is getting better, I am excited to think about my horses again. However, with a new baby on the way, I going to be realistic about how much time I will spend until I am well under way being a mama. At least I am lucky enough to have my Ranch Boy around (he's a work at home family business kind of guy!) to be my babysitter so I can get some pony time!

I have a special visitor coming tomorrow! I will fill you in at the end of the week. I hope to get a few more posts off before Junior Ranch Boy is born!  Wish me luck (in both of those tasks......)

Ranch Girl


Anonymous said...

We've got a lot of shedding going on here, too. It's been very cold, but we're finally going to reach 50 by the weekend - very exciting! Last year at this time it was in the 80s, which was weird and unpleasant in its own way.

Love the pictures of the "wooly bears"!

C-ingspots said...

Your horses are sure wooly, but they look good! Ours are shedding like crazy, but our weather doesn't know whether to act like spring or winter. We're having a very unusually dry winter, it's been so nice. Today is cooler, breezy and a few showers but they're predicting 70 this weekend! Can you believe that? Whoohoo! How super exciting for you to be so close to delivering your little one. :) I think you'll be a wonderful little momma! You might not have much time this summer to spend with your ponies, but they'll be there for you when you need a break. And, you will need occasional breaks! Babies are fun, but exhausting! So happy for you! Take care, and am really looking forward to seeing pics of your little man soon.

Desert Rose said...

we even have shedding going on here in the desert! Lady is pretty much done...but Jesse is still shaggyish ;)
both horses are "off" right now, jesse just got new shoes so he has owey toes and lady twisted her ankle :(((
Couldn't ride anyway this week as I have Toby and Jed! I do look foeward to next week though :)))

fernvalley01 said...

they looks lovely, I like them sleek but the fuzzy bear look is cute too.Get some rest the next little while too girl!

Laura said...

I prefer the sleek summer look too and the first few weeks of winter fuzzies are cute, but the spring shed is not that fun! Those are the days when you groom and groom and the horse actually looks worse! At least mine

I hope you have fun with your secret visitor!

And I can't believe your due date is coming up that fast - you guys must be soooo excited! :-)

achieve1dream said...

Yours are shaggy!! Chrome's shoulders are already almost summer slick. I love it! Summer coats are my favorite too. :)

I'm so excited about how close your due date is getting. I can't wait to see baby pictures. :D