Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feed Truck

One of the jobs I frequently help Ranch Boy with is feeding his 30 plus some horses. I usually drive the old feed truck while he stands on the back and forks off the hay (my balance is awful so I hate standing on the back.....)


The dogs love to feed with us. They bark at the horses and think they are protecting the hay. They always load up as soon as Ranch Boy puts the bales on. 

I love driving the feed truck, but I have to scoot to the edge of the seat because I can hardly reach the pedals. It is hard to start when it's cold and it is full of baling twine and mouse poop (I know, toxic....) and the wipers don't work half the time..... but the 4wd sure does! It's the only thing that prevents us from getting stuck in the snow or spring mud.

Hobbs the Andalusian hangs out and guards the hay. He thinks he is king of the herd right now. He's been chasing the newbies away from the hay. It always bothers me to see that although I know it's normal as they all re-establish herd hierarchy for a week or so.


After we feed we halter up Socks. He has a small puncture on his cheek bone that we've been doctoring. Luckily he lets us catch him easily.

Well, it didn't hurt that I had some cookies in my pocket to feed Socks after his medicine.

Cookies? Did you say Cookies?

I really like Socks, I've ridden him a lot. He's a nice ranch horse although he can get a little jiggy on the trails when you're heading home.

While cleaning up Sock's wound we were been harassed by Oreo. The black and white paint is a pocket pony and always following us and nosing into our business!

Another day of feeding chores are done. Goodnight ponies, enjoy your dinner.

Oh wait! I've still got two ponies of my own to feed at home!

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

Nice way to spend time together too. They look like a good lot

Paint Girl said...

Socks is so cute sticking his nose in the truck. I like Oreo, I seem to have a thing for black and white's!

This Kuntry Mama said...

Fun! You remind me of Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man! ;) Oreo is a beauty!!

Crystal said...

Looks like fun, but quite a chore to feed so many horses, like the feed truck with the dogs on too.

Reddunappy said...

Thats a lot of horses!! LOL
Alas my Hubby doesnt do anything with horses.

I just read an article on "the Horse" magazine website

Its about ulcers, I know I read everything I can get my hands on when I am having a problem. Maybe you have seen it maybe not :o)
If you havnt used their site, you have to sign in, but its free to read all the archived articles!

Reddunappy said...

You know, I keep thinking that they can heal ulcers in humans with antibiotics now. Just wondering if they can do that with horses?? I dont remember if you had her on a round of antibiotics??