Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Walking

I love to go walking. I'd rather be riding, but sometimes you notice things when walking that you don't on horseback.

I have convinced Ranch Boy to take some walks with me on the property. It has been fun to check out things wintered. Last month while walking he spotted an antler shed, which is quite a find! So we've been on the quest to find another as there are multiple herds of deer and elk that roam the property frequently.

First signs of spring. There is still snow up on the hill, but also a lot of marshy wet land and tiny yellow buttercups and these little purple flowers sprouting.

Sometimes while scanning the land ahead for sheds, you think you spot one.

Alas, it's only a sun bleached fallen branch.

We found some huge ant hills.

And this skull, perhaps a young deer?

I found this broken rock that was shaped like a heart, almost the size of my palm.


A pine cone stuck in a branch and Ranch Boy with all the garbage we found on the walk.

I just love taking walks like this....and with better weather finally starting to make an appearance, I hope to start hitting the trails on horseback, too!

Have a great weekend!

Ranch Girl


Crystal said...

Im not much of a walker, but I agree you do tend to see more probly cause you have to watch where you are stepping and while riding I let my horse watch the ground so I dont have to

fernvalley01 said...

nice to go for a walk with your sweetie! Hard to convince my guy to just go for a walk with me here, we seem to always be on a mission

Paint Girl said...

I love to go walking but have been doing more driving then walking lately! This weather is really making me want summer to arrive, now!

Desert Rose said...

You have so much land you could take a new walk everyday of the year and see something new !!! maybe you should take a trash bag ;)))