Friday, April 6, 2012

Meet Flicka!

I loved hearing your guesses on the new horse! She is a registered 18 year old.......

Tennessee Walking Horse! I think she looks like a Morgan, too, though! This is not a great photo of her, it was when her previous owner was loading her into the horse trailer.

Ranch Boy's 6 year old niece really wanted to name a ranch horse Flicka, which is why we renamed her. Her previous name was not fitting for her beauty at all. She is very expressive and has a kind eye. I am excited to ride her later this spring.

I do not have Easter lilies (which I love!) but I finally planted the paper white bulbs my cousin gave me for Christmas a few weeks ago!! They are just now blooming and I love their scent in the kitchen.

We just decorated a name tag for our Easter baskets. Here is what Ranch Boy did for his:

Oh Lordy! That's my Ranch Boy, always a sense of humor.

I hope you all have a hoppy Easter weekend with your families!

Ranch Girl


cdncowgirl said...

I was going to guess TWH but her head seemed way too little! lol Every TWH I've known had a HUGE head. Morgan was my second guess after QH.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats on the new horse!


Paint Girl said...

Cool, love TWH. She's pretty. Will be a nice addition to the ranch! Hey at least your ranch boy is more creative then my farm boy!

fernvalley01 said...

THW? Hmm, I actually didn't see that yet the very first TWH I rode was built very similar with a dainty pretty head too. She is lovely

Crystal said...

Sounds like a nice horse! Funny Ranch Boy!

Sares said...

Mine were stinky! Some of them didn't bloom either, I think they didn't get enough light.

Love the new addition, cute name!

Desert Rose said...

Well...guess you had better reserve her for me for the Pony Cousin trip to the Ranch before Cousin B dibs her!!!
I am not bringing Lady that trip...I have 2 stud colts and a filly along that will keep me quite busy :)))

The Wades said...

Ranch Girl, so happy to hear from you again! I thought I would never get to contact you again when you shut down Pony Girl. Thanks so much for stopping by.

A Ranch Boy??? New horses?? I've missed so much. Hope I can catch up. Also, hope your sister is well.

Hugs from NM.