Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gettin 'Er Done While The Sun Shines

There is never a shortage of work to be done on the ranch in the spring. While feeding the other day we tighten some hot tape fencing.

We also raked up the dead apples and leaves in our yard, and all the "loose hay" that flies away when you feed.

I cleaned the dead flowers out of my old metal pots. I am going to just plant them with geraniums this year. They bloom all summer if you keep the blooms trimmed. Oh, and some basil. I love fresh basil for cooking! The pot on the far left has some lavender plant in it that kind of survived the winter. The pot with the "B" on it is an old fire bucket that I got an an antique store.


We've had a few fabulous sunny warm days, and I was able to bring Loretta out on her "good days" (non colonic distress days) and let her graze on the lawn for around 20 minutes. Since I've hardly been able to get a halter on her in the last month or so, this was a huge step in the right direction. I was even able to brush her lightly and put some fly spray on her.

We are still having random episodes of discomfort.......but I just took her completely off the hay she's been on today, so we'll see how she does without that for a week, with just pellets and beet pulp in her system. She's going to hate it, but I had already reduced her hay to just a small flake a.m. and p.m. so she was getting used to it. I have to try not feeding it to her at all. It's the one thing I haven't eliminated from her diet!

Also, I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop this weekend~ 15% off! See my sidebar for the link.

Have a fabulous weekend! Ours looks sunny so it will be more of the same....spring chores! Anything that brings me outside in nice weather I love, so bring it on!!

Ranch Girl


fernvalley01 said...

looks nice and green there, sigh and we are having another storm! Hope Loretta's good days outnumber her bad ones soon

Crystal said...

glad Loretta is having a good day finally!

Love the new header shot too, very suitable :)