Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blogger Yard Sale- or Trade!!

I'm listing a few things for sale or trade.  I don't want to fuss with eBay and they aren't vintage so I can't do my Etsy shop. I need to clear out some things that I haven't been using.

Here is a list. I will take better, more detailed photos if you are interested or have more questions- feel free to email me at  I take PayPal and ship within 24-48 hrs from time of payment.

Lovely braided rawhide headstall with Chestnut leather, red trim and black horsehair detail on browband. Chicago screw at bit. Adjusts both sides, had throatlatch. (No bit or reins.)  $25 postage included. Does not have a noseband, my mare is wearing a halter under it in the above photo.

Rebecca Ray black leather wrist cuff with brass snaffle bit. This does not fit my petite wrist. I had an additional hole put in by a professional saddlemaker but it is still too bulky for my small bony wrist which is a bummer because I LOVE it and it retails for $78!! 1.5" wide and 9" long.   ★★sold★★

I have never worn it. It comes in the RR bag it came in.  $30 postage included.  Here
 is a link to the cuff on the website. They have some really cute equestrian themed items if you want to browse!

Tooled Leather cell phone holder with bling crystal berry concho and crystal rivet detail. Velcro closure and metal swivel hook on back for attaching to belt. Nice Chestnut and brown distressed leather color. Fits an I- Phone, BlackBerry etc. but not a bigger Samsung Galaxy (which why I'm not using it. ) $10 including postage.

Basically new Ariat boots,  worn out of house maybe two times because I'm a 6.5 and these are a 6 and they just are toooooo small but si stinkin fun! Groovy tatoo style print on shaft, Brown leather toe and heel with sharp looking barb wire red stitching. 
$40 including postage.

Hair on hide bronc halter. I bought this at an auction but it does not fit my mare's big mustang head! Never used, just tried it on her. It is a average/full horse size. Black nylon with adjustable nose band and snap at throat.  Nose band is a tawny cream brindle (?) Cowhide with 3 black and silver start conchos, nose band is backed in black suede. It is stiff but will loosen and shape to horse's nose.  $25 postage included. 

Crystal lucky Horseshoe soldered necklace. I bought this last year from one of my favorite Etsy vendors but now that I have an 8 month old baby who grabs my necklaces I don't wear it. 1" box with Horseshoe charm. Pink cloverleaf wax seal stamped medallion. On a 20" silver tone bead ball chain and tired with a silver ribbon. $15 postage included. Very unique! Sorry about the sideways photo loading from my phone which is always a challenge!

Back cinch horsehair "fly swatter." I bought this at a Parelli event and tried it on my geldings cinch and he freaked out and I never used it again. Comes with metal piece for attaching to dee ring on cinch. About 13" long.  $15 postage included. 

Crystal bling belt. Crystal rivets down center, silver studs on either side. Nice average/dark brown color faux leather with real leather lining. Silver tone engraved buckle. Like new. Size xs-s (30") $15 including postage.

Okay that is it for now!! Remember that these prices include shipping. 

I am open to some trades too! Here is my wish list for second hand items I'd like to find for my upcoming lessons:

Black dressage bridle with reins
Quilted schooling dressage saddle pads
Used breeches- maybe sz 26 or 28
Black Suede, or washable faux suede, ribbed half chaps size xs

Be sure to email me with any questions.

♥♥Ranch Girl♥♥


Karley said...

Cute boots! Too bad I am not a 6!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Cute stuff, too bad I'm not in the market or it just wouldn't fit. :(

You can also try Tack Trader, to buy, sell or trade...

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

I know! :( I can sometimes wear a six and I was determined even with thin socks every time I put them on they were just too snug.

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Thanks for the tip I will try Tack trader if no luck here! :)

TeresaA said...

nice stuff. How does the fly swatter work?

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Hi Teresa- it hangs under their bellies and moves, helping keep flies from landing. They also call them shoo flies. Here is a link to one style I found online that is similar to mine:
I've seen them (but smaller of course) on chin straps too. Great idea and looks cool bit my gelding is just super sensitive.

fernvalley01 said...

cool stuff!!! I so wish those boots would fit me !

baystatebrumby said...

The idea of a blogging tag sale is so creative, but I should not be surprised if it is coming from you. I really want the boots, but of course I am a size 7. Seriously, when I saw them, I sucked in my breath. Alas, too good to be true. I do not have a pay pal account, so I am wondering if they are easy to set up(?) I do love that cell phone holder. That looks like something a real cowgirrrl would use.

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Pay pal is pretty cool I can send an invoice to anyone via their email address. They can pay via their PayPal or credit card, however is set up. I know, sz 6 is small. I'm more of a 6.5-7 know after baby but it really depends on the shoe, too.

Rylekyot said...

Hi Ranch Girl!

I'm a bit late to the yard sale, but if the headstall is available, I'm very interested!!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Yes it is until Next Monday when i am taking it to a consignment tack shop. You can email me at I do think I emailed you but I might have done the no-reply to your comment so I will try again! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there ranch girl. I want the boots. I do not have pay pale or know how to get one. I barley can use my I pad. I can send you a money order when I get payed if you still have the boots! My email is tell me where to send the money. After you cash then send the boots ok will this work for you?
Thanks Mary Ann