Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cleanliness and Jealousy

The other day I handed Ranch Boy Jr. to daddy and snagged an hour or so of pony grooming time. I decided to do My Boy first.

Not a great selfie of us~ he looks like some kind of cousin of the camel animal here!

Miss Lunatic Luna would have nothing of it! I tried to just groom my Boy in the pasture (haltered and on the lead rope) and she kept getting into our space. I shooed her away with the lead rope. I don't feel safe grooming a horse with another one nosing around and being pesky. Part of the problem was me- I'd had cookies for them when I caught My Boy so in her defense I'm pretttttyyyy sure she was just looking for more.

Shooing her did not work, and she ran off bucking a few times only to come back. I finally just led My Boy outside the pasture. You can see here how dirty she was to begin with?

Well, like a teenager, she continued her jealousy fit and galloped and bucked around the pasture, ending up warm and sweaty. Then to rub it in (literally) she rolled on both sides, in the wettest poopiest mud she could find. There was no way she was going to dry and get groomed by me today. At least the sun was out and I knew she'd dry okay before it cooled off.

The next day was overcast and getting chilly, which was another reason I wanted to get their coats clean- so their fuzzy fur could stand up and keep them warm!

Luna was very happy to be caught and stood like a statue while I groomed her. I almost needed safety goggles. The mud was so caked into the fur it was like cement (looked like it, too!)

I didn't have a wire curry with me but I used a wide mane and tail brush that I had which worked well to loosen the mud.


My Boy is really a charmer!

After Luna got her beauty spa day, I tried to scoop up some rotten apples that had fallen from under the tree

Gives a new meaning to the term "apple picker", eh?

It felt good to accomplish something with my horses, even just getting them cleaned up a bit. I know the snow is on its way and horse time will be even more limited, so a mild few days like we've had is the perfect chance to horse around!

Ranch Girl


Kate said...

Glad you got in some good horse time!

fernvalley01 said...

Nice, feels good to just hang out with them doesn't it ?

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Yep fern valley, sometimes that is enough. ; )

Karley said...

yay for good horse time!

Muddy ponies! haha