Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Mother nature can provide us with things of great beauty at times.

Other times, I'd really like to sit down and have it out with her.  We've been under a frozen fog now for.....weeks. The sun couldn't even find its way out- it would try for 5 minutes then dissappear back into white oblivion.  The trees in the hills looked coated in snow but they are actually white with frozen fog ice.  You walk outside and little bits of "snow fog" are floating down from the sky. In the upper elevations it feels like you are in the scene of a post apocalyptic science fiction movie.

The temps have been mild enough to get out and manage horse time- 26 to 36 degrees. Except the ground is as hard as cement and even worse, all of the mud froze into deep lava rock-like ruts.

Yes, there has been beauty as the ice has formed crystalline art upon every conceivable surface- except the lower elevations where everything is just bland and barren. Without snow the resort and ski economy's are suffering. In the 3 years I have lived here with Ranch Boy I have never seen this little snow in the winter. Usually I spend most of the winter in snow boots and snow pants, sledding and snowmobiling with the kids.

Until this morning. What to my wondrous eyes did appear when I woke up.....

This was looking out my kitchen window just after daylight.

That was Luna jumping up and bucking after rolling in the snow.  I was holding Ranch Boy Jr before this and missed capturing My Boy rearing and leaping straight into the air. 

Feeding time- the sun is shining, it's actually warm and the snow is melting a bit already. But it is beautiful and if it's all we get, I'll
take it.

Ranch Girl


Mary said...

I love watching the animals play in fresh snow! So fun! The photos are very pretty. I hope you get the opportunity to play in it.

50+ Horses said...

Gorgeous pictures...finally some snow! I hope (we get more and) it sticks around so we don't have to worry (as much) about fires this year.

fernvalley01 said...

the ice fog is pretty,but I agree it does get tired! so does the snow and cold though. Looks like the ponies like the change too

Karley said...

Amazing pictures but BURRRR!